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Josiane Keller - Starfish in the African mammal room

ホテル Hotel – Uncle Karli brought everybody down and Starfish’s Herzschmerz in the museum

June 17, 2017

Since the stint with Uncle Karli something has definitely changed, although nobody wants to admit it, people are in a foul mood. The girls are afraid of being sold, and there is a lot of talk about that, because that is always the danger and around the hotel that is the history here, like it […]

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Carl Offterdinger - Das Tapfere Schneiderlein

ホテル Hotel – Uncle Karli the art rep, fairy tales, a big let down and how to live and learn from experience

May 13, 2017

Carl Offterdinger “Mein erstes Märchenbuch / Das tapfere Schneiderlein (‘The Valiant Little Taylor’)”, 19th cent. I recently had a small show in an alley gallery in China Town, shady but cute and I was showing some slides of Starfish, Molly and Chiaki and the others, which was fun, as it was a first for everyone, Chiaki […]

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