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Josiane Keller - five shorts

five shorts (2017)

November 6, 2017

currently password protected (please ask), to view click HERE; five shorts: the fetus: ultrasound and in the womb – Alexander’s first steps – Molly is taking a shower – little boy sulking – blonde woman screen test (Chiaki) Josiane Keller “five shorts” (2017)

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Josiane Keller - Ferris wheel and roller coaster on the beach

ホテル Hotel – on the beach

July 2, 2017

Molly is spending an awful amount of time with Elle, also at Elle’s fancy apartment, although it’s only fancy inside, where she lives everyone has a Chihuahua and lets them pee all over the place, so it reeks. Oh well. I volunteered to go pick Molly up there anyways, as the idea is to go together […]

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Josiane Keller - making new jeans for Molly 3

ホテル Hotel – making new jeans for Molly

July 1, 2017

Molly fashion queen is getting a new summer outfit, particularly new jeans: Josiane Keller “making new jeans for Molly” (2017) Josiane Keller “making new jeans for Molly 2” (2017) Josiane Keller “making new jeans for Molly 3” (2017)

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Josiane Keller - Band Needs Drummer

ホテル Hotel – Starfish and Molly at the Library Cafe

April 20, 2017

Today Molly took half a day off to go out with Starfish, upon his urging, wearing a stylish new frock she got yesterday, although she made herself very clear about her priorities, which were: she is very dedicated to her career and the success or failure of it lies in only her decision-making, therefor all […]

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Josiane Keller - Starfish in the dark

ホテル Hotel – Molly is gone out shopping and Starfish’s got the blues

April 19, 2017

Molly is for once not at her secret rehearsals at “Cafe Leben” but out shopping for clothes, claiming she has nothing at all to wear. (The last time I saw her room I could not help but notice a ton of her clothes being very elegant, some with a serious price-tag.) She left Starfish at home, […]

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Josiane Keller - Automata show - revised flyer 2

ホテル Hotel – Surrogates: Slide-Show @AUTOMATA, Los Angeles – revised flyer (2017)

March 20, 2017

* despite the fact that the depicted character “Molly”, stage name: “Molly Tyler”, is actually a man, born as “Albert Paul Watson”, (which is from this image alone not detectable) and in the eye of general public only female nipples are objected to complaint and admiration and therefor more complaint, it was suggested to modify […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly comforting Starfish 5

ホテル Hotel – Molly comforting Starfish

January 18, 2017

Tonight Molly made it home a bit earlier and brought along the kimono which she will be wearing for the poster (obviously Molly will be modeling with Starfish); her kimono is not unlike the one Starfish is currently so much sulking over and based on that insight, for time being, she managed to comfort him […]

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Josiane Keller - costume fabric for Showa poster

ホテル Hotel – Molly is getting Starfish a modelling job

January 14, 2017

Possibly Molly has noticed Starfish’s devastation and tried to make the high waters smooth again. Apparently she has organized him a modelling job, it is only a one time thing, but a great opportunity, so Molly says anyways, it is in costume for a poster, Showa style, advertising a Japanese hotel. Starfish will be busy […]

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Josiane Keller - ChoCho's right hand, leg and foot

ホテル Hotel – mehrmalige Gotteslästerung (multiple blasphemy) – the sex of the photographer versus the sex of the model from A to F

October 2, 2016

Finally I finished working over ChoCho’s nude photo session. Doing that I realized, it is, at certain times, irrelevant what is depicted on an image. More important seems to be: who took the image? or better: who created it? If it is a painting, these days, it is not such a big deal anymore, because nobody […]

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Josiane Keller - ChoCho's birthday picnic - Starfish

ホテル Hotel – birthday picnic for ChoCho in the park

September 23, 2016

So, a number of things happened. Molly had her audition, Starfish badly wanted to come along, but she insisted to go by herself. Apparently quite a number of people auditioned, and for a while she was waiting, but this week she found out she got the part and so she is officially now on a […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly and Starfish by the gas stop at night 10

ホテル Hotel – night before Molly’s audition – Molly and Starfish by the gas stop at night

September 17, 2016

Tomorrow afternoon is Molly’s audition, to avoid thinking about it and driving her crazy Starfish took her out. If she gets the part, great, if not she will have to sing some very depressing songs at MIYAMOTO’s. Josiane Keller “moon and wires” (2016) Josiane Keller “Molly by the gas stop at night” (2016) Josiane Keller […]

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Josiane Keller - Starfish with used jacket

ホテル Hotel – diamond earrings, an old jacket and Starfish and Chiaki get into a fight (finally!)

September 11, 2016

Hmm. The day has come. To celebrate Miss Molly’s success with the upcoming audition at “Cafe Leben” our Starfish went off and bought her diamond earrings. Personally I think it is a little too soon, because if Molly doesn’t get the part she will have to keep auditioning and who knows how often Starfish can […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly's stage shoes

ホテル Hotel – Molly is going to audition at “Cafe Leben”

September 9, 2016

Rumor has it that Starfish took a couple of the shower pictures and is running through town to advertise Molly’s dancing skills with them. I am not sure if she is into that, or what people think of it. But apparently the concept worked, and Molly has an audition coming up, thanks to Starfish. The […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly taking a shower 64

ホテル Hotel – Molly’s shower pictures

September 8, 2016

Molly came up to me the other day, explaining she still needed to earn more money to afford her stay and if I ever needed a model she was more on willing to model again for me. Molly has the kind of looks and demeanor that works very well with a commercial photo crowd, and […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly and Chiaki sitting in a tree on the graveyard

ホテル Hotel – Smoking weed on Memorial Day on the graveyard

September 8, 2016

Memorial Day we took Molly to the graveyard where are some fantastic old tress to climb and somewhere in a secret corner Larry grows some weed; the graveyard is huge and Larry doesn’t tell us where, maybe Chiaki knows, but nobody cares because he supplies the people from the hotel for free with their stash. Josiane […]

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20th Century Fox - The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Lorelei Shark's lips - movie poster - 1975

ホテル Hotel – A Pizza and a Movie – Starfish is taking Molly on a date night

September 5, 2016

It’s Saturday night and after she’s done singing at Miyamoto’s Starfish is taking Molly out for a pizza and a late night movie, which is romantic and remarkable, because Starfish classically never has any money, and every penny he earns is going into his gradual sex-change, which everybody knows, so we were surprised, but nobody made […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly outside at night 13

ホテル Hotel – Making a buck: Molly at night out on the street modelling

September 2, 2016

I have to sometimes make some money, despite the commission I mean, because there are expenses to be covered that occasionally come up outside of the agreements for the documentary project on the hotel and that exceed my budget. And then there is Miss Molly, who is wildly photogenic and likewise seems to have big plans […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly and Starfish in the Cafe 21 - homage to Saul Leiter

ホテル Hotel – Starfish takes Molly dancing at the Cafe

August 31, 2016

With her first earned money Molly has bought a breathtaking creme coloured silk kimono with floral design. She wore it this time Western style without obi sash (we know she has…), but still looked quite extravagant, mildly put. I can hardly believe such a piece of garment can be bought with salary for just one evening […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly

ホテル Hotel – Molly (Watson, aka Molly Tyler, née Albert Paul Watson)

August 30, 2016

Molly Watson, stage name: Molly Tyler, Billy’s beautiful and sultry transgender friend from London (born as a boy named “Albert Paul Watson” changed to a woman, but kept deliberately the male genitalia, to have “the best of both worlds”), who arrives at the hotel after Billy’s death to find work in showbiz as a dancer; among many talents, such […]

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Josiane Keller - MIYAMOTO's AmateurPro Open Mic poster

ホテル Hotel – Molly is singing AmateurPro Night at Miyamoto’s

August 30, 2016

Molly and Starfish pretty much spend the weekend in Molly’s room, the only exception being, as she had promised, singing once more at Miyamoto’s on Saturday evening. Chiaki made herself invisible, I am waiting for the big bang, but perhaps Chiaki has found someone else. In any way the few times we crossed path in the […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly and Starfish 108

ホテル Hotel – eine romantische Nacht: Starfish is loosing his head over Molly and Molly keeps her shoes on – Vol. II

August 29, 2016

I said it already at the end of last post and I am not kidding: IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 17 go into the kitchen and help mom, otherwise you can stay and look. I have to repeat also this part: A; I was quite stoned when I took these of people, who […]

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Josiane Keller - Starfish is falling backwards onto the bed and Molly is leaning back

ホテル Hotel – eine romantische Nacht: Molly is buying stage shoes and Starfish is loosing his head over Molly – Vol. I

August 28, 2016

Friday afternoon once again we assembled in Molly’s room, “we” in this case are: Molly, Starfish (of course), Chiaki and myself. Molly had bought new shoes, “stage shoes” as she calls them, as Mr. Miyamoto had asked her to come back Saturday to sing amateur-pro night, and she insisted needing them to look “acceptable” in the […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly bowing 3

ホテル Hotel – Molly is singing Berto Wilcox at MIYAMOTO’s

August 24, 2016

Yesterday Molly slept through til early evening, jet lag, I guess, but eventually came back to life, and so we decided to take her out to a couple of places, so she could at least test the waters looking for a dancing job somewhere. Starfish, still glued to her heels, was jumping in excitement, suggesting […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly at the Ofenloch Bar 3

ホテル Hotel – Molly arrives and an excursion to the Ofenloch Bar

August 21, 2016

Wow, finally the wonderful Molly, Billy’s mysterious pen-pal, has arrived. She came early this afternoon. Only Starfish was in the lobby, sweeping the floor and Vincent was in his office going over his books, all others were either out or in their rooms asleep or whatever. So Starfish was really the first person to meet […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly's lower jaw

ホテル Hotel – making of Molly – Vol. VI

August 20, 2016

Molly’s second left hand seems to have no issues, although it is a simpler version than the first edition. Today she got a jaw, which was also a bit tricky, but finally successful: Josiane Keller “Molly getting a lower jaw” (2016) Josiane Keller “Molly’s lower jaw” (2016) She also got a fabulous, absolutely fabulous coat, […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly getting blue hair

ホテル Hotel – making of Molly – Vol. V – Molly is driving me crazy

August 20, 2016

Molly is driving me crazy… but I guess it’s all my own fault and there’s nothing to be done but re-doing things, in this case Molly’s left hand, because despite the fantastic Japanese finger mechanics I seem to have forgotten to make a hole for the wire to attach it to the wrist. Encore, oh […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly's head painted (quad)

ホテル Hotel – making of Molly – Vol. IV

August 18, 2016

Painting of Molly: Josiane Keller “painting Molly” (2016) Josiane Keller “painting Molly 2” (2016) Josiane Keller “Molly’s head painted (quad)” (2016)

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Josiane Keller - Molly's left hand

ホテル Hotel – making of Molly – Vol. III

August 15, 2016

Finally Molly is complete, all s/he has to do now is dry and be fired and be decorated and re-fired and get wired and dressed and get a wig and pop up at the hotel, where she is somewhat awaited, after her dramatic letter… Special features of Molly are: a movable jaw (same as Billy) […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly's legs 2

ホテル Hotel – making of Molly – Vol. II

August 13, 2016

Today Molly’s legs; as you see, Molly has a triple part torso for added mobility, most of the other puppets I made so far for this project have only two half torsos; let’s see how it works out! Josiane Keller “Molly’s legs 1” (2016) By now I have the hip joints down to somewhat well functioning […]

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Josiane Keller - making Molly

ホテル Hotel – making of Molly

August 12, 2016

Making of Molly, Billy’s friend. Molly, like Billy, has a movable jaw for added expressiveness (or so I am hoping for at this point). She also is the first doll that has one hand with movable fingers, which is stolen from traditional Japanese BUNRAKU puppets; however, these puppets are carved from wood and much larger, […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly's letter to Billy - close-up

ホテル Hotel – Molly’s letter to Billy

August 5, 2016

Oh dear. When it rains it pours. Whilst Starfish is recovering, popping IBUPROFEN against the pain in his shot leg, today a letter arrived, addressed to: Billy Weisslechner, and it is from Molly. We assume the very same Molly to whom Billy had written that letter he never sent. Obviously the two had been very close […]

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