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Josiane Keller - Bagdad Cafe trailer

ホテル-Hotel – Goebbels the dog barking at the Bagdad Cafe (2017)

October 8, 2017

ホテル – Hotel: ShinySkySituation are playing a gig in the desert, stopping for a burger Goebbels the dog, always on edge, is barking his lungs out at the famous Bagdad Cafe; to watch click HERE:

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Josiane Keller - Chiaki and Larry on the beach

ホテル Hotel – on the beach

July 2, 2017

Molly is spending an awful amount of time with Elle, also at Elle’s fancy apartment, although it’s only fancy inside, where she lives everyone has a Chihuahua and lets them pee all over the place, so it reeks. Oh well. I volunteered to go pick Molly up there anyways, as the idea is to go together […]

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Josiane Keller - want to join a psych rock group

ホテル Hotel – Larry wants to join a Psych Rock Band and is breaking his wrist

February 28, 2017

Well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Larry and Starfish came across a sign someone was looking to start up a “Psych Rock Group” and feeling he might do some extra gigs outside of ShinySkySituation to expand his repertoire he called up and met the band singer in the pub. Josiane Keller “want to join a […]

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Josiane Keller - friends on the bridge

ホテル Hotel – Alexander is back from the hospital, a successful outdoor poster photo shoot and Larry got hit on the nose

February 23, 2017

Alexander was allowed home from the hospital and everyone is majorly relieved. Apparently somehow he had come in touch with rat poison, maybe playing outside stuck something in his mouth when we were not looking or God knows. Who the hell would put rat poison outside is anyways a big question, but luckily so far […]

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Josiane Keller - Larry in a kimono 2

ホテル Hotel – Larry in a kimono 2

January 22, 2017

As it turns out, also Larry is modelling for that poster. That must be some poster! Since Larry’s kimono is expressing what he wants to express to his immediate surrounding (or to himself) there were so far no complaints from him about the job. And once more we find ourselves in the upstairs guest room […]

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Josiane Keller - ChoCho's birthday picnic - Starfish

ホテル Hotel – birthday picnic for ChoCho in the park

September 23, 2016

So, a number of things happened. Molly had her audition, Starfish badly wanted to come along, but she insisted to go by herself. Apparently quite a number of people auditioned, and for a while she was waiting, but this week she found out she got the part and so she is officially now on a […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly and Chiaki sitting in a tree on the graveyard

ホテル Hotel – Smoking weed on Memorial Day on the graveyard

September 8, 2016

Memorial Day we took Molly to the graveyard where are some fantastic old tress to climb and somewhere in a secret corner Larry grows some weed; the graveyard is huge and Larry doesn’t tell us where, maybe Chiaki knows, but nobody cares because he supplies the people from the hotel for free with their stash. Josiane […]

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Josiane Keller - Larry Nekko 猫

ホテル Hotel – Larry (Nekko 猫 Longwalker Henderson)

June 5, 2016

Larry (aka Nekko, 猫, Japanese for “cat”, Longwalker Hamilton), a young man of very mixed racial background (Black/Cherokee Indian/Blackfoot Indian/ Hawaiian-Japanese and Austrian) and guitarist of the punk rock band ShinySkySituation; occasionally he claims being a Spanish flamenco guitarist from Granada, because people dig that, sometimes that gets him into trouble when it comes out that in […]

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Josiane Keller - string of hair

ホテル Hotel – bathroom pictures for Pat McCrory: Starfish, ChoCho, Chiaki and Larry find an old toilet on Cooks Lane – Vol. II

May 16, 2016

The bathroom picture taking of course went further than expected, in fact I had no idea, and I’m not sure how much idea Larry and ChoCho had, anyways, so Starfish had attempted various gymnastic exercises to make the photos more interesting, or bizarre is a good word, too, and being not really sportive to that […]

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Josiane Keller - Starfish trying a handstand

ホテル Hotel – bathroom pictures for Pat McCrory: Starfish, ChoCho, Chiaki and Larry find an old toilet on Cooks Lane – Vol. I

May 13, 2016

Last evening Starfish found an old toilet sitting on the curb at Cooks Lane. Probably Vincent had put it out there, from the basement or doing up one of the rooms. It took no more than ten minutes then ChoCho, Chiaki and Larry showed up and everyone needed to be as goofy as possible, asking me […]

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Josiane Keller - Larry outside 3 - the last of his kind

ホテル Hotel – Cooks Lane: Larry “Nekko” 猫 smoking outside

May 1, 2016

And another evening outside on Cooks Lane. Larry “Nekko” 猫 is smoking weed and wants to talk about his hat. He explains the red-white-red ribbon are the Austrian national colours, and his great-grandmother was directly from Austria. Josiane Keller “Larry smoking” (2016) Josiane Keller “Larry smoking 2” (2016) Apparently she was excommunicated by her large […]

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Josiane Keller - Larry's feet

ホテル Hotel – Larry “Nekko” 猫 getting high

April 28, 2016

Larry is a guitar-player in the same band where Chiaki is lead singer, “ShinySkySituation“, so she introduced him to the hotel. Larry claims to be Black/Cherokee Indian/Blackfoot Indian/Hawaiian and: Austrian (believe it or not! – For those who wonder: that’s a tiny, tiny country in Europe); what do I know, hard to say from the outside. […]

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