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Josiane Keller - Ferris wheel and roller coaster on the beach

ホテル Hotel – on the beach

July 2, 2017

Molly is spending an awful amount of time with Elle, also at Elle’s fancy apartment, although it’s only fancy inside, where she lives everyone has a Chihuahua and lets them pee all over the place, so it reeks. Oh well. I volunteered to go pick Molly up there anyways, as the idea is to go together […]

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Josiane Keller - no show photo shoot 2

ホテル Hotel – Chiaki injures her shoulder and a no show photo shoot

February 17, 2017

At the last photo shoot Chiaki must have injured her left shoulder somehow hanging from that branch all morning, so she needed medical assistance and some rest before the next appointment: Josiane Keller “Chiaki injured her left shoulder” (2017) Josiane Keller “Chiaki injured her left shoulder – close-up” (2017) And this morning there was supposed […]

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Josiane Keller - coffee table with fruitbranches

ホテル Hotel – Chiaki in a kimono at snack bar 赤いエプロン

January 20, 2017

As it turns out: also Chiaki is on the bill for that poster, and also she got a fabulous kimono. Chiaki being Chiaki she is the only one who pulls it off not only wearing the thing with confidence, but also being able to pout it on, seemingly without outside help. Generous as she is […]

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Josiane Keller - ChoCho's birthday picnic - Starfish

ホテル Hotel – birthday picnic for ChoCho in the park

September 23, 2016

So, a number of things happened. Molly had her audition, Starfish badly wanted to come along, but she insisted to go by herself. Apparently quite a number of people auditioned, and for a while she was waiting, but this week she found out she got the part and so she is officially now on a […]

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Josiane Keller - Starfish with used jacket

ホテル Hotel – diamond earrings, an old jacket and Starfish and Chiaki get into a fight (finally!)

September 11, 2016

Hmm. The day has come. To celebrate Miss Molly’s success with the upcoming audition at “Cafe Leben” our Starfish went off and bought her diamond earrings. Personally I think it is a little too soon, because if Molly doesn’t get the part she will have to keep auditioning and who knows how often Starfish can […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly and Chiaki sitting in a tree on the graveyard

ホテル Hotel – Smoking weed on Memorial Day on the graveyard

September 8, 2016

Memorial Day we took Molly to the graveyard where are some fantastic old tress to climb and somewhere in a secret corner Larry grows some weed; the graveyard is huge and Larry doesn’t tell us where, maybe Chiaki knows, but nobody cares because he supplies the people from the hotel for free with their stash. Josiane […]

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Josiane Keller - Molly and Starfish in the Cafe 21 - homage to Saul Leiter

ホテル Hotel – Starfish takes Molly dancing at the Cafe

August 31, 2016

With her first earned money Molly has bought a breathtaking creme coloured silk kimono with floral design. She wore it this time Western style without obi sash (we know she has…), but still looked quite extravagant, mildly put. I can hardly believe such a piece of garment can be bought with salary for just one evening […]

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Josiane Keller - Starfish is falling backwards onto the bed and Molly is leaning back

ホテル Hotel – eine romantische Nacht: Molly is buying stage shoes and Starfish is loosing his head over Molly – Vol. I

August 28, 2016

Friday afternoon once again we assembled in Molly’s room, “we” in this case are: Molly, Starfish (of course), Chiaki and myself. Molly had bought new shoes, “stage shoes” as she calls them, as Mr. Miyamoto had asked her to come back Saturday to sing amateur-pro night, and she insisted needing them to look “acceptable” in the […]

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Josiane Keller - waiting room sofa

ホテル Hotel – Chiaki’s abortion – Part II

June 9, 2016

During the procedure I wasn’t allowed in, but right after, when Chaiki was coming round. She looked a bit groggy, but eventually sat up and the first thing she asked for was a cigarette (of course). I objected, telling her there’s no smoking in the clinic and we’d get kicked out immediately if she smoked. […]

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Grant Wood - American Gothic print - 1930

ホテル Hotel – Chiaki’s abortion – Part I

June 7, 2016

Guys, I would love to show you the whole thing in one bit here, but I took over 200 shots of it, and it’s simply too much in one thing, because I have to modify each one of them and then upload and label and so on. So it has to be in two parts. […]

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Josiane Keller - ChoCho 蝶々

ホテル Hotel – ChoCho 蝶々 the usual hero pays for Chiaki

June 5, 2016

Finally the reason for Chiaki’s slightly odd behaviour the other night is out, which is: she had to have a smallish operation. And further, our usual hero, ChoCho 蝶々, was so generous and pay for it, at least for time being, until Chiaki comes up with the money herself. Bravo to our generous hero of […]

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Josiane Keller - Chiaki smoking looking at me

ホテル Hotel – Chiaki (Sato, aka Malek Sanderson)

June 5, 2016

Chiaki Sato (Sanderson), some people used to call her also “Chinese Malek”, but she is neither Chinese, nor is there any other “Malek” currently around.  Chiaki claims, “Sanderson” is too hard to pronounce and so she prefers as artist name “Sato”佐藤 , but secret voices claim, her mom was Japanese and “Sato” is her actual family name, but nobody knows […]

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Josiane Keller - string of hair

ホテル Hotel – bathroom pictures for Pat McCrory: Starfish, ChoCho, Chiaki and Larry find an old toilet on Cooks Lane – Vol. II

May 16, 2016

The bathroom picture taking of course went further than expected, in fact I had no idea, and I’m not sure how much idea Larry and ChoCho had, anyways, so Starfish had attempted various gymnastic exercises to make the photos more interesting, or bizarre is a good word, too, and being not really sportive to that […]

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Josiane Keller - Starfish trying a handstand

ホテル Hotel – bathroom pictures for Pat McCrory: Starfish, ChoCho, Chiaki and Larry find an old toilet on Cooks Lane – Vol. I

May 13, 2016

Last evening Starfish found an old toilet sitting on the curb at Cooks Lane. Probably Vincent had put it out there, from the basement or doing up one of the rooms. It took no more than ten minutes then ChoCho, Chiaki and Larry showed up and everyone needed to be as goofy as possible, asking me […]

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Josiane Keller - Chiaki holding a snake 11

ホテル Hotel – Chiaki holding a snake

April 25, 2016

Last night suddenly there was a commotion in the hotel. I was in the lobby, when ChoCho and some others came in from the street, laughing and seemingly excited. Starfish ran up to me and told me to get my camera, I should go outside, Chiaki was there wanting to show me something. And so […]

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Josiane Keller - Vicky looking out from the hotel window

ホテル Hotel – Cooks Lane: Chiaki, ChoCho and Starfish outside at night

April 22, 2016

Same shooting, some colour pictures: Chiaki, ChoCho and Starfish hanging out at night outside in front of the hotel, on 2nd Street and Cooks Lane. At the turn of the century 100 years ago until the mid 60’s this used to be a spot for street prostitutes, and the hotel was renting rooms by the hour. […]

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Josiane Keller - outside at night - Chiaki, ChoCho and Starfish 2

ホテル Hotel – Polaroids – Cooks Lane: Chiaki, ChoCho and Starfish outside at night

April 20, 2016

Starfish got paid and got himself a fabulous jacket from Victorian Expectations (the coolest outfit store around, when it comes to eccentric jackets and accessories), so no more borrowing from Chiaki, at least as long as he has it. Here some Polaroids of the people hanging out outside in front of the hotel at night: […]

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Josiane Keller - Chiaki smoking - orange

ホテル Hotel – making tiny FLUSH Cigarettes – and smoking is bad for you!

April 13, 2016

So, indeed Chiaki was holding a cigarette, in fact more than one, for that last photo shoot, and if she really inhaled or only exhaled as she claims, you have to ask her that yourself. Anyways, Chiaki is of course modeling herself on the very same cigarette pack, “FLUSH”, and the design of it looks […]

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ホテル Hotel – Chiaki: photo shoot with Muschi

April 13, 2016

I managed to snatch Chiaki at last for a photo shoot that I tried to make look as casual and improvised as possible. She was finally willing to play along, and luckily Muschi popped up, curious to see what was going on. Muschi is officially ChoCho’s kitten, but ChoCho working most nights on stage tends […]

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Josiane Keller - sewing tiny pants

ホテル Hotel – sewing tiny pants

April 12, 2016

It is somehow odd that sewing tiny pants from only a percentage of fabric needed to sew big ones takes about the same amount of time…. Sewing Chiaki’s disco pants: Josiane Keller “sewing tiny pants” (2016)

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Josiane Keller - Chiaki lying 4

ホテル Hotel – making of Chiaki aka Chinese Malek

March 18, 2016

This is Chiaki in the making, nickname is Chinese Malek, but nobody remembers exactly how the name came about, because Chiaki is actually Japanese-Korean and not Chinese at all; Josiane Keller “making Chiaki – quad” (2016) there used to be another girl around, who was Polish, and also called Malek, but she left the hotel quite […]

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