The Shape of Things

Experimental lens-based images, still/single – moving/short, investigating the shape of things, concentrating on visual images, that show ordinary, every day scenes, created not as specific works of art but for other, non-sentimental purposes, partially including also sound.

Deliberately avoiding complex attached narrative, leaving this up to the personal association and imagination of the audience.

This project is the follow-up project to ホテル Hotel, but where the former was dealing with pictures about belonging to a certain private circle of people with complex characters as if taken by a member of such a group, this project is dealing with the opposite: pictures taken by OUTSIDERS or some kind of alien to the group with no sentimental attachment to the models and scenes, observing, researching and documenting, without being or wanting to be a part of the situation, without trying to express himself, or by someone who has no opinion about the scene in front of him or who does not understand it, but is documenting it.

All models self-made puppets.