Currently I am exhibiting my work regularly and non-exclusively at two places, PH21Gallery in Budapest/Hungary, and Yaso-Parabolica-bis Publishing House/Gallery in Tokyo/Japan, next to a few others case-by-case situations such as festivals of various kinds, depending on if it is installation, live slide-show performance or other media.
I am actively seeking other platforms to exhibit my work and reaching out to people/places I would like to be connected to, this comes usually in the form of being part of a group show or -project.
If you from your side are interested in my work and including me in any project in planning, please use the contact bar to get in touch.


“P.S. John Waters loves your work so at least now you can say that he has seen it and been impressed. 
He was very short with his response as he’s in the midst of his book tour, but he appreciated having it shared with him. Should help with speaking with gallerists, curators and those types of people. 
– Carlos Iglesias”

Next to those more well known art scams such as “invitations” to being included in catalogs or “important” shows for $$$$ contribution I was recently approached by a person Carlos Iglesias, a self pro-claimed “artist representative”. Unfortunately the gigantic promises and claims he made towards me concerning who he had presented my work to and who he pretends to know in the glamour world turned out within a very short time to be untrue; this besides the fact that such connections to celebrities of any kind are only in very rare cases interesting to me at all and generally NOT HELPFUL in my actual work other than the questionable pleasure of being yet another groupie of such a celebrity.

Due to my relatively long history of working internationally I am very well connected with fellow artists and craftspeople in various places, who are for me by far more interesting than any celebrity every could be, unless he or she is ALSO by chance at the same time an excellent wheel-thrower, has a climbing kiln somewhere in the hills that he or she is actively firing, is an actively working puppeteer of a long line of generations of puppeteers, or has written at least 1 decent book, or any other achievement that I find respectable because I understand it.
Often these people are NOT very famous on a wider circle, and under normal circumstances they are NOT celebrities, because they would not have the time for that kind of stuff, being very busy researching and executing the actual thing they are working on, not shoulder rubbing with whoever is glittery at the moment. (Most of them have also very rusty, muddy cars.)

Please know that if you deliver statements such as “I can’t say too much at this time except that there are some serious people involved and that it has grown into something much bigger than we ever imagined ourselves.” you look like a total douche-bag to me, after all you are not the CIA or Santa Claus, and if you thought you were you are definitely in the wrong movie or insane.

I am working very hard in promoting my work and bringing it in front of an interested audience and I am open to anyone who thinks he can be of any help with that, but I am doing my homework and of course I would be interested in some kind of credentials as well as transparency.
In my experience so far the only difference between being an artist and working in the cubicle office is the office job comes with a regular salary, the artist job does not. Anyone who acts like it has anything to do with one large ongoing party comes across to me highly unprofessional, reason being: the party part is reserved for the audience, not for the people creating the show, and definitely not WHILST doing exactly that.

Conclusively someone like that leaves me with the impression he has other motives for pretending so, and this impression is considerably enhanced when I follow up with the places such a person claims to have connections to (which I do) nobody has ever seen or heard of the man.
I would have to conclude I am not being promoted but being used. I am not interested.

Besides, everything such type of “artist representative” pretends he does and then didn’t do I am quite capable of doing on my own.
If you can be better than that and are interested in me never hesitate to get in touch and let me know what you have in mind.