“P.S. John Waters loves your work so at least now you can say that he has seen it and been impressed. 
He was very short with his response as he’s in the midst of his book tour, but he appreciated having it shared with him. Should help with speaking with gallerists, curators and those types of people. 
– Carlos Iglesias”
Self pro-claimed “artist representatives” such as Carlos Iglesias and those who attempt to convince by frequent namedropping of the reality of their imaginary world of overnight fame and fortune I am afraid I have no use for. Same applies for inclusion in pop-up warehouse art shows staged by wealthy yacht owners, or art catalogs that are being sent as unsolicited material to a list of high end art galleries in North America in exchange of four figure participation fees.
I do follow up with people who wish to work with me, as hopefully they likewise take the time to investigate my own work and credentials (which is basically quite glamour-free hard work over long periods of time, accumulated in baby steps, many of them backwards.)

If you really know John Waters, please give him my best regards and tell him I deeply admire his wisdom, humour and life experience. If you happen to be a personal friend of Johnny Depp, great, I am sure Johnny Depp has personal friends, too, why wouldn’t he? Let’s go for a beer sometime.

“Hi, I’m Jeff from XXX and I was just looking at your website …”

Sorry JeffLinda and Shane, but at the moment I also am also not looking for any help with my webdesign or improving my SEO scores.
This website is sort of a workbook, not an election campaign; it is neither perfect, nor does it strive to be, instead it is a work in progress and constantly changing.

A;  In case my texts contains more than the recommended minimum of 150 words:
    please read only as much as you like or stop yourself after you have read 150 words.

B;  In the (extremely rare) case that I wrote a post containing less than 150 words:
    you should read the same post as many times as needed to reach the necessary goal of 150 words.

Thank you very much for striving to live up to the expectations of machines!