Japan – Sentimental Diary

I am spending a great deal of time of my life in Japan since my first stay 1996 – 98, since then I have returned regularly, mainly living in Kyoto, more recently also taking trips West (Hiroshima) and East (Tokyo)Japan is a major influence for me, there has been no other place where I lived so far, that had a similar effect on me. The reason is probably the particular stage in life I spent there and the various personalities I created a deep connection to.
Particularly Kyoto has always felt for me like a very surreal place, as people say Prague used to be before it opened to tourism. Sadly so, also Kyoto after the Fukushima accident has been heavily promoted as a Western tourist location and is consequently at risk loosing this kind of magic.

The images in this category don’t show actual “art work” produced as such, instead these are casual snap shots I took only for my various private reasons.

Whilst also serving as reference for my work (how and why we take photographs), these images illustrate the development of my relationship to Japan as well my own changing as a photographer over time, which gives them the function of a (sentimental) visual diary.