Prostitutes (2008/2014)

This series of photos was taken in 2014 of a group of figures created earlier in 2008, inspired by the Brassaï’s famous “Paris de nuit” (1930’s) album, particularly the brothel “Suzy” and its staff.

Photographs of prostitutes have been popular since the discovery of Ernest J. Belloq’s “Storyville” glass negatives (early 1900 cent.), Brassaï’s “Paris de nuit” (1930’s) , Marvin E. Newman’s “Les belles mesdemoiselles de la Rue St. Denis” (1960’s) and Jane Evelyn Atwood’s “Rue des Lombards” (1970’s).

My photographs of prostitute puppets are investigating the meaning of photographs of prostitutes.

The parallels of selling one’s artwork to prostitution has been pointed out by many artists before, creating and selling artwork incorporates the same irony (or is it?) of selling sex.