“Ach, es sind des Haifischs Flossen
Rot, wenn dieser Blut vergiesst.

‘Oh, the shark’s fins appear
Red, when he spills blood.’

[Bert Brecht / Kurt Weill, “Three Penny Opera, The Ballad of Mack The Knife”, 1928]

An extension of the “Prostitutes” albums from 2014; a project on ‘photographs of women’.

There exists an abundance of photographs (as well as any images) of women. I am interested in the question:
“why are we taking photographs of women?”, in particular researching erotica and photographs of prostitutes. I am interested in the parallels of photographs of women, in particular in an erotic context and puppets, both being surrogates.

Same as the work of the “Each reflection…”-project all work is site specific, set in my natural given surrounding at the time.

Who’s Gaze ?

Because I am a woman myself I have been asked many times if this work is to be seen in a feminist context. I am not quite sure at this point, because the topic has many layers, but in first instance I would reply to this “No”, because I am simply reflecting the images that surround me, and there exists an abundance of images of women. (If so, is then a male artist creating images of men called a “masculinist”?) I feel sometimes it is only men who have the power of decision making to determine what or who a “feminist” is, but at the same time a feminist seems to be always a woman. I advocate for self-determination. Once you define something by labeling it, you have set up limits and boundaries to it, but I promote freedom to be who one wants to be.

One male reviewer once wrote about my work “It deals with the male gaze”. This is not correct. For this to be true it would require a constant awareness of the male gaze, but I do not think about that, nor could I confidently be sure of what exactly that is;
I evaluate my own gaze.
Even though for instance many images in this album are based on erotic photography by mostly male photographers, in the chain of people who have looked at these images no matter who (male or female photographer) took it, ultimately I am the last person who looked (and created my own image based on them). Although my own sexual orientation is like that of my puppets, as such not confined by the moral wants and hypocrisies of people who are not part of my intimate life, I am at least in a biological sense female.
So my images can’t be about the “male gaze”, instead my images must be about the “female gaze”. 
In fact, I tend to wrongly assume, my own visual experience was identical to everybody else’s, which ironically is possibly the same mistake this reviewer had assumed. I also wrongly assume my personal sexual awareness is the same as everyone else’s, which is also not true.
Conclusively, realizing both my eye-sight as well as my thought process have to be individual, conclusively my work can be only about “my gaze”.