I anyways live until I die (2014)

Research on human memory and human visual memory and perception; structured in seven parts: Part I: The Planets (the origin of life), Part II & III: The Fetus – Ultrasound and In The Womb (life prior birth), Part IV & V: The Swing and Worm in the Rain (childhood), Part VI: Galloping Horses (adult life), Part VII: The Whale (death).

Obituary for Kishimoto Tetsu from Kyoto, Japan (1952 – 2012).

In order for some visual and sound effects to develop their full potential this work in form on a single ongoing film is supposed to be watched in a dark room on a larger projection surface like a wall or pull out screen;
the films in separate clips are supposed to be screened on various TV screens in one space in loop-form.

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* Disclaimer: the films starts abruptly with loud noise; the images transition in strobe-style, people prone to epileptic seizures may experience discomfort at certain scenes.