Experimental Film

When too perfect, lieber Gott böse. (“When too perfect God gets mad.” / Nam June Paik).

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By creating lens-based images of figures the original scale is being lost. My puppets are stand-in for living models, which is the original and most extreme form of puppetry.

My films (which are only sequences of my still photographs) are substitutes for films made with life models, at the same time questioning these; they are “puppets of films”, or “symbols” of film and cinema.

Generally I am not interested in most contemporary animation, because in most cases I can’t relate; particularly this applies to animation that is based on comical, highly abstracted drawing and linear story line.
Instead major influences are cinema or experimental film makers and their work, many of them from the 50’s to 70’s (i.e. Chris Marker, Andrei Tarkovsky and others), also cinematographers and photographers.