Experimental Film – Observing Life

When too perfect, lieber Gott böse. (“When too perfect God gets mad.” / Nam June Paik).

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Film, moving image, a sequence of still images, experimental animation, slide show and cluster photos.

Within only ~100 years from the first pioneers to present commercialized productions animation has become filled with stifling rules how it apparently has to look like and how it must be produced, this based simply on what people grew accustomed to seeing in mass productions.
Questioning the artistic value of these films I am trying to take technically a few steps backwards in order to pursue a different direction forwards, closer to expressing actual human senses as we experience them, in order to [hopefully] create more inspiring and meaningful work.

This work has slowly evolved over time whilst concentrating at first on still images, partially ignited by a 2008/09 research as kenkyusei (“postgraduate research student”) the Experimental Manga class under Prof. Ogawa Satoshi おがわ さとし教授 at the Seika University of Art in Kyoto, Japan.

Another strong influence (next to others) is work by the film maker Chris Marker.