3/11 – What is the difference if I am here or not here? – Fukushima Nuclear disaster

On March 11th 2012 a sea-quake and thus triggered tsunami destroyed great parts of coastal Japan and caused a melt-down in the nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi.

At the time I had been invited to do a solo exhibition at Art Forum JARFO in Kyoto together with one artist of choice (Yasuo Imai, BA/MA Painting Brighton/UK).

Our initial topic had been: “What is the difference if I am here or not here?”, researching personal loss.

As a consequent of the disaster we felt it was necessary adjusting our theme, we ended up doing so several times over the course of occurring events, trying to be considerately towards our audience in regards of the context between our chosen topic and the daily news at the time.
Despite the national news claiming otherwise I was advised by well meaning friends to leave prematurely due to health risks.

I had completed so far five large scale graphite drawings (78 cm x 110 cm) in Japan, and five further after I had left outside of the country.

The drawings show bunny-eared women; the ears symbolizing assumed or actual submissiveness and naivety, a symbol I had developed during an earlier postgraduate research at the Manga class at SEIKA College of Art Kyoto and used it in all my characters from 2008-2013.
On the backsides of these drawings are both Japanese as well as Western newspaper articles and advertisements glued, which report or document unintentionally the development of the catastrophe.
Copies of the drawings were sent to the gallery live per fax during the show’s opening night, which was consequently set up as a live event.