The Role of Woman in Japan – kenkyusei project Seika 2008/09

Kenkyusei (postgraduate research) project on ‘the role of woman in Japan’ at Seika University of Art, Kyoto, in the Manga Department, 2008/09.

Japan seems generally to me a place with a strong feminine character to it.
The drawings show various female figures wearing bunny-ears, my symbol for feminine assumed or actual submissiveness as well as human naivety and false hope, but also courage and strong will, which I developed during this research year.

Whilst Japan might appear at first contact to Western people as a highly complicated and structured society, I feel anything that applies in terms of social rules to life in Japan applies the same everywhere else as well, only it is generally much more mellowed down. For that reason Japan seems to me a perfect place to research human social dynamics.

The topic was chosen after having lived several years in addition to many long and short term stays and several long-term relationships in Japan. The topic is investigating dynamics between gender, next to various life stages that are expected of women to go through, and a specific feminine passive-aggressiveness that is typically celebrated in Japanese ghost stories.