Commissions /Collaborations

I take on commissions of various kind, granted that it is understood I am offering the type of work in the style as you can see it here all over this website, which is generally deliberately outside of mainstream aesthetics and conventions.

So far I have successfully created animations, book-cover-illustrations, poster (band- and theatre-poster) and film props; also stage-documentation (film/photo specialized for puppetry), dioramas, set design, costume design, custom order puppets and portrait puppets/portrait marionettes; I also offer services such as puppet restoration inclusive untangling and restringing of marionettes. Please get in touch with your needs and ideas.

If you are an artist yourself and our artistic concerns match or complement each other and you are interested in developing a project together, please get in touch and let’s talk. I have been collaborating in the past mainly with musicians, puppeteers and theatre directors. This type of work is financed in a different way from commissions, usually by some kind of split of profit, if any is made, depending on the situation.
I am currently actively seeking stage performers interested in collaborating on a mixed piece live performance and puppet image slide show/film. If you feel this might appeal to you, please contact me!
Besides collaborating I am always open for networking with interesting outside-of-the-box-thinking friendly people.

All sexual orientations welcome, any gender accumulated by birth or choice welcome, you can use any bathroom you like as long as you flush after yourself and keep it clean; any religion equally welcome, but please don’t try to convert me, as I have my own; any skin pigment count welcome, Aliens welcome.
No propaganda, no violence, no war shit, unless in satirical context.
No former rock stars from Granada.

For all inquiries please use the CONTACT tab.