Some extra photos on a snow day in spring, last scene for “I anyways live until I die” with thank God now voice-over! and the quest for nudity

April 15, 2014

Allegedly today is the last day of snow for this spring. Time will tell. Certainly it is YUK and I do not want to see any of it anymore. Oh well.

Josiane Keller - Hamburger

Josiane Keller “Hamburger” (2014)

Josiane Keller - waitress 2

 Josiane Keller “waitress 2″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - traffic ticket

Josiane Keller “traffic ticket” (2014)

Josiane Keller - rain on the window

Josiane Keller “rain on the window” (2014)

Further my film “I anyways live until I die” is ALMOST finished and if anyone had told me it would be so much work I would have never gotten myself into it, that’s for sure, but now it is pretty cool.

What is missing is a scene with planets and sound with that, thank God NO VOICE OVER for this scene. And then the beautiful montaging the whole thing into one and then I am done. ALMOST THERE!!!! – And then I probably die myself!


And I notice by now, early evening, I had 88 people looking at various post on my website that by chance ALL have to do with nudity.

Song for all to sing along today, U2 with “ONE” :

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Updates that are a b**** and throw everything over, the “galloping horses”-film clip for “I anyways live until I die” is finally finished, Chris Marker’s “La Jetee” (1963) and his obituary by The Guardian

April 14, 2014

I had to finally update my site, which I had successfully postponed for a while now, with the well-known effect that this action has thrown-over various set=ups and I have to spend some time sniffing through each and every connection and find the mistake, which is HIGHLY annoying, but there is not much else I can do, so there.

* Guess what? I already managed and it’s all fixed! Ha.Ha. Ha!!!!!! The little accomplishments in life… (not  true, The Mungo helped me out, but why would I admit that in public?!)

Besides that, the ”galloping horses”-movie clip symbolizing “midlife” is finally finished and up and because it is part of “I anyways live until I die” still password-protected, but you can as before ask me if you want to see it and I will send you the password.

Josiane Keller - galloping horses

Josiane Keller “I anyways live until I die – galloping horses” (2014)

link to it on my vimeo-account is here:

Further I finally managed to watch “La Jetee” (1963) by Chris Marker in full and am completely amazed, and it fits perfectly with the topic “time and memory”.

I only wish I could have kept it longer (on loan from the library), instead I was already late to give it back, so I have to simply take it back out again and watch it a couple more times in a row…

- instead of the lousy wiki-articles here an obituary on his death in 2012 by The Guardian:

and here a site that may be considered his:

where if yo check his site you will notice that near his grave-site is a tragically locked up mankei neko statue I suppose to honor his love for Japan, well in that case I show once more my own maneki neko-picture for him, too:

Josiane Keller - Maneki Nekko 2

Josiane Keller “Maneki Nekko 2″ (2011)

There is a story behind the picture, I had seen this maneki neko already since years in an antique shop on the way to downtown from my house (which is not REALLY MY house, but a cheap little house I used to rent for 15+ years when in Kyoto at the edge of city), but for years did not even ask how much it cost, as I was worried it would break in the backpack that later on turned into a suitcase back home (ironically I anyways felt for the longest time, Kyoto was my home, so I should better say “back from home”.

Finally in 2011 I bought it, as I loved it too much and it was actually not expensive at all.

There was a brand-new doughnut shop near my (!) house where I would go almost every day to write. After the earthquake, tsunami and all that drama when I had deiced to leave after all I gave it to the doughnut shop owner, who loved it, and I thought he should better have it, as traditionally a maneki neko is a lucky charm for businesses.

Only I had noticed, this one was not just a statue but at the same time also a piggy bank with a slot on top of her head and unfortunately not plug in bottom. When I came back to Kyoto in winter 2012/2013 I heard that the shop suddenly, although initially having done well, had lost all customers and had to close.

Shall I feel guilty? I guess I should have looked for a cork of some sorts and plugged it before I gave it as a gift! I hope the man had the idea to turn it upside down and put a plug in so he can open a more successful business some new place!

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At last: new/old Kyoto 2011 photo album up and a fish that is *not really an eel and instead a “tachiuo”

April 12, 2014

Finally it is done and you can see the new photo-album from 2011 I have been working on since a couple of days now.

Meanwhile I learned that the mystery fish is not an eel, as I called it initially to have a name for it, is in fact a “tachiuo” and I ate it many times thinly sliced as sashimi… (Oh, if I only was more of a cook…)

Josiane Keller - tachiuo head

 Josiane Keller “tachiuo head” * (2011)

Josiane Keller - tachiuo

Josiane Keller “tachiuo” * (2011)


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A windy therefore rustly therefore useless new voice-over and more Kyoto album pictures

April 11, 2014

Retook that voice-over, but sadly so it was a non-rainy yet windy day and that means a rustly sound and that means… I have to do it… again.

Meanwhile I am working on some more pictures for that new Kyoto album (from 2011) and here are some more samples from that so far:

Josiane Keller - Yoko

 Josiane Keller “Yoko” (2011)

Josiane Keller - golem - face

Josiane Keller “golem – face” (2011)

Josiane Keller - sakura

 Josiane Keller “sakura” (2011)

Josiane Keller - ningyou

 Josiane Keller “ningyou” (2011)

Josiane Keller - ningyou 2

Josiane Keller “ningyou 2″ (2011)

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A twenty-year old one second film clip, the unstoppable moment in time confronting faceblindness, a voice-over on a swing and still working on the new/old Kyoto album

April 9, 2014

A friend of mine from years back when came across old film footage and it shows exactly 1 second of twenty years younger me, and to make me think about life on earth he decided to send it to me. Stuff like this blows the bridges for my face-blindness over board, of course, as we all agree it is certainly me on that footage, and makes sense with clothes,hair and setting and I look at it and maybe even more so than most other not face-blind people I cannot recognize myself instinctively and only intellectually, meaning it could be anyone, but of course it must be me, right? Stefano Bettini - one second - 1995

Stefano Bettini “one second” (1995)

And then the clip is in motion, nothing massive, only looking up and maybe I hold a cup or something, but it is fast. And now the whole thing is one second. So it is basically impossible to get a good look at it without stopping it. But when stopped I am really totally lost, it does not even look like a person anymore to me. I can only recognize it at all in motion, based on the gesture (and of course bashing myself for this and the other silly stuff). So one could say this film clip is a captured moment in time from 20 years ago, but then again, if I can’t recognize it, it also is not, or at least not useful. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Voice-over for horses running clip turned out to be OK, (one out of five, if I counted correctly), but I hope to re-do it anyways, as I want the voice going back and forth like on a swing, in  fact recording the voice whilst one of us will be swinging. One version was done that way, but too much, so the voice fades in and out and nobody can understand what is the naration. And then I am still working on the new/old Kyoto album. Josiane Keller - tongue - 2011

Josiane Keller “tongue” (2011)

So far these are my news.

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Open Summer Call – Aperture Foundation

April 9, 2014

It is not that I have been not working today/yesterday just because you can’t see anything, instead the opposite is true: I have been creating an ad in B&W magazine and submitted 10 most elegant images to the SUMMER OPEN competition of Aperture Foundation:, of course last minute, deadline is today, but if it is not last day it is no adrenaline rush and then why even bother, right? Wrong, in reality I am a bear at heart and like to hand in my stuff well in time ahead. This was coincidence, not life-style!

I have to say the ad was unusually affordable and the submission for APERTURE unusually expensive, not to say OVERPRICED, guys! The reason is that to submit one has to purchase membership. But it’s APERTURE after all, and what can one do? I guess the option was either not to do it and think ‘Would I win something had I applied?’ or, well, bite in the sour, sour apple and see what will come of it.

(And perhaps with that bloody membership I get anything useful other than reduced prices for also very expensive photobooks, I usually buy discount second-hand through tiny backyard dealer on bloody AMAZON…)

Anyways: please wish me luck! More tomorrow, unless I come across other last minute competitions…

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A successful sound-recording for the galloping horses footage, but only half of it is useful, waiting until the rain stops and Martin Chambi

April 7, 2014

So on the very sunny Sunday it was yesterday I manged to make a couple of interesting sound-recordings for the “galloping horses” -footage and one of them is perfect, which is a kid on a swing narrating, only the second half the swinging got real high or I am not sure anymore what we did, it sounds very different from the first half and the sound is coming in and out, so one cannot really understand what the kid says.

And that means: we have to do it again. And that also means: we have to wait for that as today it is RAINING and there is no way to repeat that sound and also I do not want ot chase people out into the rain on a swing, nor go myself.

Patience, once again.

Anyways, so far what I have, the first half that works real well looks like this:

Josiane Keller - I anyways live until I die - galloping horses soundtrack

Josiane Keller “I anyways live until I die – galloping horses soundtrack” (2014)

Meanwhile I am scouting more photo-possibilities, work on the new Japan portfolio (coming up soon!) and look at the beautiful photography of Peruvian photographer Martin Chambi (1891 – 1973), an article on him and his work is being featured in the actual B&W issues #103:

Here the link to his /his family’s site for him and his work:

Martin Chambi - Nino Mendigo de Cusco - 1934

Martin Chambi “Nino Mendigo de Cusco” (1934)

Martin Chambi - Señorita torera, Cuzco, 1932

Martin Chambi “Señorita torera, Cuzco” (1932)

if you are good in Spanish here is a vimeo-video about him (even if you are not that good, it is easy to get):, there is one on youtube by BBC, but I refuse to put a link here because the narrator can’t pronounce the name Martin Chambi correctly and that is really basics, BBC people.

Here is another one in Spanish, a tic more difficult, but I am sure you still can manage:

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… and then some – more Kyoto pictures, young animator and mirror 1

April 5, 2014

… as mentioned before: the amount of pictures I took during the stays 2008/09 and 2010/11 is incredible. It’s like I documented every step I took with a camera, although at the same time compared to pictures I took during my stays before the images are detached and eerie.

Here some images of Naomi Nagata, a young animator, working mainly with sand animation, who started me out with making animation in her studio. She thinks of herself as nothing special at all, but I always thought her face is strikingly beautiful and incredibly photogenic, even or maybe just because she has some elfish quality to herself:

Josiane Keller - Naomi's left eye

Josiane Keller “Naomi’s left eye” (2011)

Josiane Keller - Naomi's right eye

Josiane Keller “Naomi’s right eye” (2011)

Josiane Keller - a beautiful picture

Josiane Keller “a beautiful picture” (2009)

And it’s time for bed…again…

Josiane Keller - mirror 1

Josiane Keller “mirror 1″ (2014)

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Ryo Okawara: “Insomniac” animation (2008), one little poodle, two little poodles and more Kyoto March 11 pictures

April 5, 2014

Watch yet another animation by Ryo Okawara: “Insomniac” from 2008, maybe you have already seen her “Animal Dance” (2009), but I like this one even better:

Apart from that I am recording voice-overs for the galloping horse clip, after I updated it last night to the horses being a tic more grey and also a tic more detectable as horses, as opposed to the version before beautiful black on white background but some of them looking very much like a group of black poodles in a 50′s style haircut hopping over a fence (“one little poodle, two little poodles…”) so that’s no good, even if the black was gorgeous.

And besides that I am also working on the mentioned addition about March 2011 Japan photo album, a task so far I put off, as I was put off and did not want to think about that.

Josiane Keller - fish mouth and pine needle

Josiane Keller “fish mouth and pine needle” (2011)

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A new-old Japan photo-album: 3/11

April 4, 2014

During my last long-term stay in Japan, winter til spring 2011, interrupted with the tsunami and follow-up issues, I took a ton (“thousands”?) of photos, which were originally geared to finish a graphic novel from it. The incident having been very traumatic I have not put the pictures out there so far in any way and stopped the graphic novel plans for venturing out in photo and film instead.

But since a while I thought at least SOME of these photos should be very interesting.

And so I am here working through all these folders and working a new album out for the Japan category.

So far some samples:

Josiane Keller - crescent face

Josiane Keller “crescent face” (2011)

Josiane Keller - heads and tails

 Josiane Keller “heads and tails” (2011)

Josiane Keller - eye in ice

Josiane Keller “eye in ice” (2011)

Josiane Keller - tachiuo head

 Josiane Keller “tachiuo head” (2011)

Josiane Keller - they come in two by two's

Josiane Keller “they come in two by two’s” (2011)

Josiane Keller - two fish

Josiane Keller “two fish” (2011)

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Spam from Thailand and recording a voice-over

April 3, 2014

Haha!!! I am important!!! I get SPAM from Thailand, look: “bookmarked!!, I love your website!”

I know, it is not the most intelligent or entertaining spam I ever had on this BLOG, but it is after all from a very exotic place and so I am very grateful.

Further I am busy recording a voice-over for my horses running, which is at this point nothing visual to present and so you have to simply wait til I can show more stunning things.

Hang in there… read backwards, older BLOG posts or look at my photos right here:

or read some spam, somewhere!

Josiane Keller - running horses black on white 5

Josiane Keller “running horses black on white 5″ (2014)

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Also small scale stand-ins from clay: Rithy Panh “The Missing Picture”, Alissa Walker on Banksy’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, step one of a 10 steps to stardom-lecture included for free, Banksy’s and Mr. Brainwash’s sites and other thoughts on stand-ins

April 2, 2014

I almost wrote “other small scale stand-ins from clay”, instead I decided to use “also”.

With some good-will and a lot of enthusiasm one could start a whole movement!

Rithy Panh - The Missing Picture - 2013

Rithy Panh “The Missing Picture” (2013)

Watch the trailer for the award winning film“The Missing Picture” (2013) by Cambodian film director Rithy Panh:

and this clip on a ‘public film projection’:

Same idea, basically, small scale stand-in figures from clay. If you have any doubt on my creativity please scroll back to the very first post on this BLOG and you will notice it was written in 2012, when nobody knew about “The Missing Picture” yet.

But I anyways am a believer of the ‘communal memory’-theory.

Stand-ins. Well, has anyone seen Banksy’s documentary on Thierry Guetta (or is it actually Thierry Guetta’s documentary on Banksy?) “Exit Through the Gift Shop” from 2010?

Banksy - Exit through the gift shop

Banksy “Exit Through the Gift Shop” (2010)

It is highly entertaining and teaches you in a few steps everything you need to know and do if you wanted to become an over-night art-superstar.

First of all you will need: one massive empty ware house.

(Where I am right now there are a couple, but the audience around here would be not the seekers of fine or lesser fine but more interesting art.)

So a warehouse, empty and conveniently located in one of the two options: 1; New York City 2; Los Angeles, wait, make that three and let’s have a look in not-quite Europe (* or is it?) : 3; London

That’s for starters. These are your options. Don’t, I repeat: DON’T even try in places like Sheffield, Bristol, Manchester (my God!!!). Also don’t think Chicago would do, because it doesn’t. Check back the list and stick to it: you have three options…

So the movie is brilliant and gives you these valuable tips, then all you need is determination and the spirit ‘why wait til tomorrow if I can do it tonight between 3:02 am and 4:56 am?’ and you’re good as gold.

If you have not seen the film yet go and see it and here is also a spoiler article by Alissa Walker if you want to find out even more:

Here is Banksy’s site: ( OK, it’s a little ZEN… ;-) )

and here Mr. Brainwash’s site (this one, on the other hand, has everything you ever wanted to do in Las Vegas, but never made it out there so far at least, in addition to purchasing artistic plates:

So the point of it all is: you will be very successful if you are willing to be the stand-in for other people’s dreams, whatever they may be. Don’t even bother to be this best, that extremest, know him or her or come from old/new or stolen money, it all is irrelevant as long as you can be the stand-in where others need you to, well, stand in basically.

And this is where the circle closes and I can think about the next of my photo-projects with small scale ceramic stand-in figures.

Whilst I am completing “I anyways live until I die”-experimental animated film with small scale ceramic stand-in figures.

99 spam, but all crap and not worth showing, 1000 pictures, 4 (more) horses black on white, Xu Beinhong’s ink horses and more editing

April 1, 2014

Today nothing amazing to tell or show apart from I am editing more running horses footage, this time black horses on white and completed the task.

Further I collected over night 99 spam messages, I certainly did NOT read all 99 of them, because, INDEED, they are actually SPAM, but overlooked the first page of it and found nothing majorly entertaining that would be worth showing here.

Editing my horsies running and picking four images out to demonstrate what I am talking about I succeeded to reach the 1000st picture since starting this BLOG in 2012, which is something like a sort of ‘happy birthday’ and now I have to come up with a sound fof the horses running in white and in black, but that will be tomorrow.

The new horse-pictures black horses running on white backgrounds look roughly like this, or better four of them look exactly like this:

 Josiane Keller - running horse black on white 1

 Josiane Keller “running horse black on white 1″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - running horse black on white 2

Josiane Keller “running horse black on white 2″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - running horse black on white 3

Josiane Keller “running horse black on white 3″ (2014)

 Josiane Keller - running horse black on white 4Josiane Keller “running horse black on white 4″ (2014)

Compare with:

C. King horse-in-the-snow 2007

C. King “horse in the snow” (2007)

 I had of course the famous ink paintings of Xu Beihong (19 July 1895 – 26 September 1953) in mind:

Xu Beihong - A Running Horse

Xu Beihong “A Running Horse” (1947)

That’s all for now. Bed time. Good night.

Hang on… one more, this one, a tic more abstract after all:

Josiane Keller - running horses black on white 5

Josiane Keller “running horses black on white 5″ (2014)

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…more horses running…

March 30, 2014

Nothing majorly phantastic happening whilst I am editing the footage of the horses running, only a couple more pics I fished out to show them as single still photos, such as these:

Josiane Keller - horses running 6

Josiane Keller “horses running 6″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - horses running 7

Josiane Keller “horses running 7″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - horses running 8

 Josiane Keller “horses running 8″ (2014)

…and that’s all for tonight, folks…

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Fortune cookie spam – and four photographs horses running – how abstract can one be so we still understand it is a horse running?

March 29, 2014

Read this delightful spam that entered my site today:

“Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in truth used to be a amusement account it. Glance complex to a lot more added agreeable from you! Even so, how could we be in contact?”

It is alike a fortune cookie, isn’t it? Absolutely love it! If only every spam was so uplifting!

Back to actual work.

Editing the horses running footage, which came out quite well and I am pleased, but it is longer so a ton of work.

It brings up the question: “How abstract can one be to we still understand it is a horse running?”

Chinese and Japanese people know more about that, because the ink-painting tradition is based on exactly that question and often uses running horses to illustrate the idea.

Here four examples from the film so far:

Josiane Keller - running horses 1

Josiane Keller “running horses 1″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - running horses 2

Josiane Keller “running horses 2″ (2013)

Josiane Keller - running horses 3

 Josiane Keller “running horses 3″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - running horses 4

 Josiane Keller “running horses 4″ (2014)

But ink is black on white paper, technically, so how about that then:

Josiane Keller - running horses 5

 Josiane Keller “running horses 5″ (2014)

Hmm. Interesting…

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four horse heads – coming closer to finishing and thinking about “doll photos”: Morton Bartlett’s doll photos and Hans Bellmer’s “La Poupee”

March 29, 2014

Last night yet again til … don’t ask me taking shots of these horses, another one had an accident but for filming it could be super-glued, so we are OK for now.

I am almost finished, but not just yet. So far another quadruple shot here:

Josiane Keller - four horse heads

Josiane Keller “four horse heads” (2014)

And further, I am thinking about people who made “dolls” in the Japanese meaning of ‘ningyo’ (“human shape”) and took photographs of them.

There have been plenty of others, some very famous, who took pictures of self-made dolls, for example Morton Bartlett:

Morton Bartlett - untitled

Morton Bartlett “untitled” (1950′s)

wiki knows this:

but the knows more:;

deceased before days of the internet he certainly has no homepage of his own, perhaps someone will make one for him.

Maybe still the more interesting artist would be Hans Bellmer:

Hans Bellmer - La Poupee, 1935-49

Hans Bellmer “La Poupee” (1935-49)

Hans Bellmer - La Poupee (The Doll) 1934

 Hans Bellmer “La Poupee / The Doll” (~1934)

more info here:

and of course wiki:

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Kinetic Manta Ray by Kelly Hutcheson and another Sallie – made from light

March 27, 2014

Whilst I  am still busy compiling portfolios and sending them out I came across this amazingly beautiful clip by Kelly Hutcheson, “Kinetic Manta Ray”:

this is her website:, Ryerson University BFA in Image Arts – New Media-student, that looks like this:, and yes, she also made a clip with a Muybridge “Sallie”, but hers is from light and mine is from clay:

So far this, and I am sooo glad, because I have no time to show you anything else right now.

Josiane Keller - making portfolios 1

Josiane Keller “making portfolios 1″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - making portfolios 2

Josiane Keller “making portfolios 2″ (2014)

But I will be back, bear with me!

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Fun spam, boring but necessary marketing, more galloping horses and K*MoPA Young Portfolio 2014 Call for Entries, jurors are: Daido MORIYAMA, Masato SETO, and Eikoh HOSOE (Director of the Museum) – guys! If you are young enough: SEND SEND SEND!!! and some pictures of marionettes, dolls and tied-up girls

March 25, 2014

Today’s 1st place fun spam goes to this one:

“I think the admin of this web page is actually working hard for his site,
since here every information is quality based data.”

Because it is sooo true!

Yes, I am working very hard, thank you for acknowledging that and you noticed also that indeed EVERY INFORMATION IS QUALITY BASED DATA. That is correct. Keep spamming me these kind of sentences as I need to hear that and because I am working so hard I don’t have enough friends telling me so I need to fall back on spam encouragement! So hey, whatever works.

Working hard indeed, as all day today I have been doing the most boring thing on earth: marketing. That is basically going up and down a list of places and people that may be open for submission and sending little packages with my stuff. Sometimes successful, nowhere near in relation to how many one has to send out, but I don’t know any better way, and so I stick to what I know. That’s fine, the other part of the job is fun.

And now back to my horses and more footage of them running.

BUT, sadly so I am just a tic above the age limit for this (a tiny tic!), but maybe you are not and if not do this here: apply to Young Portfolio 2014 Call for Entries at the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (K*MoPA), judges this year are: Daido MORIYAMA, Masato SETO, and Eikoh HOSOE (Director of the Museum)

You can do it here, follow this link:

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am eating my fingers. But OK, fine. But honestly, at the age they are asking for my photography was nowhere near like it is now and I think now it is much better. I would not have submitted very good work at that age to this. Also, I really started working full-time in photography only in 2012, before that I was a friggin’ painter, so that is just about 2 years now. Anyways. Submit if you can and best of luck!

Meanwhile enjoy this beautiful picture by Andre Kertesz:

Andre Kertesz - Marionettes - 1929

Andre Kertesz “Marionettes” (1929)

Compare with this strange picture by Nobuyoshi Araki:

Araki Nobuyoshi

Araki Nobuyoshi (*title/date unknown?)

and compare both and “Milli untied” from second-last BLOG with this one here:

Nobuyoshi Araki - Kinbaku -1979

Nobuyoshi Araki “Kinbaku” (1979)

Josiane Keller - Milli untied in the studio 11

Josiane Keller “Milli untied in the studio 11″ (2014)

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Second sequence of galloping horses

March 24, 2014

Working finally again at the next sequence of galloping horses. I love to procrastinate in general, and particularly this piece because as nice as it looks in the end if it all worked out making it means juggling 16 more or less fragile clay horses around and and as a herd one has to count very concentrated not to make on run backwards all of a sudden.

But I think I got the hang of it now, just this piece has a longer voice-over and that means minuets of little horses have to gallop, gallop, gallop….

Josiane Keller - galloping horses 2nd sequence

Josiane Keller “galloping horses 2nd sequence” (2014)

Compare with his picture:

C. King horse-in-the-snow 2007

Christopher King “horse in the snow” (2007)

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Dead or alive – what do we care?, it’s only a photograph (of a figure!) – What is the difference in looking at a photo of a living (or dead) person or a photo of a ceramic figure resembling a living (or dead) person?

March 23, 2014

In the so far fruitless attempt of getting my hands on William Klein’s “Life is good and good for you in New York” I came across the work of Bruce Gilden,

So, Bruce Gilden did a series “In broad daylight” of murder victims. It turns out they images are staged fashion shots, which makes them almost worst from an audience viewpoint than if they were real. To me it seems like someone has real bad taste and sadly so no ideas and no ability to make images they are good without showing sensationalized subject matter that is not even true.

I don’t like his work, seeming fairly banal and without any association to me, without any love.

If you find that a very subjective and vague explanation please compare with the work of Swedish photographer Anders Petersen here, almost every picture shows people hugging no matter what and the photographer seems to be hugging everyone he took a picture of, and that is one very big reason why I like these a lot, next to that they are good pictures that make people take the time to look without having to show dead or fake dead people:

But. It is not about what is on the picture, but the picture is really a mirror of what the photographer is wired like. 
It is interesting how different a photographer can express himself with such subjects that one would assume have a predestined mood attached to themselves. But if you want to see the most beautiful images of impoverished Russian junkies (
“Winterreise”, 2000) or dead soldiers look at the work of Luc Delahaye, every photo is like a baroque oil painting:

Besides my personal assessment of Bruce Gilden’s work, I am wondering who would for intellectual reasons want to look at a photo of a killed person, of course there are reasons to do it, but who would WANT to, in terms of ENJOY to?

And that questions leads to the next one: who would want to look at the photo of a living person, especially if we do not know the person and being a photo we cannot introduce ourselves to the person or in any other way interact.

So we can only gaze and imagine.

And that, finally, leads to my so far final question for now, which is what is then the difference in looking at a photo of a living person or any person, as I have not heard your response to why one might wanna look at a picture of a killed one, and in looking at the photo of a ceramic figure more or less resembling a living (or killed) person?

To come closer to the answer of this topic I had to try it out.

Guys, don’t hate me, I state nobody was harmed during this shot. Model is “Milli” and she is well, dry and clean back inside with me, and of course I untied her after the shot! (As you may notice: ‘Milli ist sehr gelenking’, which is because she has joints) …

Josiane Keller - dead body 0

Josiane Keller “dead body 0″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - dead body 1

Josiane Keller “dead body 1″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - dead body 2 bw

Josiane Keller “dead body 2 bw” (2014)

Josiane Keller - dead body 4

Josiane Keller “dead body 4″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - dead body 5

 Josiane Keller “dead body 5″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - dead body 6

Josiane Keller “dead body 6″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - dead body head

 Josiane Keller “dead body head” (2014)

Josiane Keller - dead body in the dark

Josiane Keller “dead body in the dark” (2014)

Josiane Keller - dead body on black

 Josiane Keller “dead body on black” (2014)

In case you don’t believe me I took an additional series of shots with her in the studio, untied and they came out even more interesting….

Josiane Keller - Milli untied in the studio 2

 Josiane Keller “Milli untied in the studio 2″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - Milli untied in the studio 3

Josiane Keller “Milli untied in the studio 3″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - Milli untied in the studio 5

Josiane Keller “Milli untied in the studio 5″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - Milli untied in the studio 7

Josiane Keller “Milli untied in the studio 7″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - Milli untied in the studio 9

Josiane Keller “Milli untied in the studio 9″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - Milli untied in the studio 10

Josiane Keller “Milli untied in the studio 10″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - Milli untied in the studio 11

Josiane Keller “Milli untied in the studio 11″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - Milli untied in the studio 12

 Josiane Keller “Milli untied in the studio 12″ (2014)

My first impulse with all images would be taking the color out, increasing contrast, and pushing it to the limit. But with these some needed color and would have been too abstract otherwise, same with extreme contrast, I still wanted something human-like in all these swirls and lines. Some looked tackier in black and white, which is definitely a FIRST. So all in all this is a very interesting project.

And finally once more this one, pushing the contrast further, which turns it into something quite different from the first version. I’m afraid I come to the conclusion, all we need is a butt-crack with a bit of hair hanging over and it is sexy, no matter what:

Josiane Keller - Milli untied in the studio

Josiane Keller “Milli untied in the studio” (2014)

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A castle in the sunshine and a film of a herd of 16 clay horses galloping

March 23, 2014

Josiane Keller - castle in sunshine

 Josiane Keller “castle in sunshine” (2014)

I love this building. It’s in a grim neighborhood, not the worst around here, but not grand, that’s for sure, BUT it looks so fantastic and mysterious from the other side through the trees here, I probably take a picture every time I come here.

Oh well. Back to work. Today’s menu is: a heard of 16 galloping small scale clay horses, one of them currently with a glued on foot after my shredder recently crashed onto it and broke it off, I had no time to make a replacement Sallie yet.

Josiane Keller - galloping horses 1st sequence

Josiane Keller “galloping horses 1st sequence” (2014)

So far I have some footage completed, snail tempo, as I have to count and need to concentrate like crazy. For now bed time…

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A sunny spring day, boring clean-up of my webpage, a mistake with the “E.”s and sending boring (and urgent) inquiry e-mails

March 22, 2014

Oh gosh, DEAD-boring office work.

OK, I admit  I did take a stroll in the SPRING sunshine.

But apart from that badly needed vitamin D intake I id nothing majorly interesting because I had to clean up my website of glitches, images that had become unattached or some that ended up from last clean-up session in the wrong category.

Now everything is fairly neat and clean, just that I noticed a design mistake in one of the “E.” photographs, which will take at least 20 min to repair, and I do not have that now, as I want to go to bed.

Josiane Keller - double E.

Josiane Keller “double E.” (2014)

So the image should be identical apart from the black eye-bar, but for some reason they are not, on one Ms. “E.” is slightly shifted to the right side, which is no good, she looks better in the center. And I will not fix it now, see above, but probably tomorrow…

And then in the process of sending portfolios around I had to send some inquiry e-mails to old colleges I graduated from, particularly Edinburgh School of Art, which seems to have new staff in the office since last time I needed them AND on top of that some of the potential replacements, I have to assume, as the titles seems to have changed as well, are on vacation til… OF COURSE they are, since I would need them to communicate with me.

Oh well.

And that was MY day…

More tomorrow…


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Contact sheet with 38 pics – pick 20 out of them!

March 20, 2014

Josiane Keller - contact sheet 38 pics

Josiane Keller “contact sheet 38 pics” (2012-14)

And it is portfolio time still or again, depends on how you want to think of it.

Pick 20 images out of these!

Hang on, one more, this one:

Josiane Keller - Claire dancing

Josiane Keller “Claire dancing” (2014)

Thinking time. Hey, if you have preferences, don’t hesitate and help me choose!

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Short experimental animation by Ishu Patel: “Afterlife” and 16 bunnies turning heads nr.12

March 18, 2014

Came across this animation from the incredible site of the National Film Board of Canada (brilliant!!):

For now only this, as I had considerable internet down time today and it threw my day over.

I made, as said, another short animation last night and I also (sound of clearing throat) despite internet issues somehow managed apparently to successfully submit a picture to a Photo-competition, (I mean, now that I made all these picture I got to market them don’t I?), it is a big and expensive one and would it not have some really interesting art people (TATE, hey, no less!) as judges I would maybe not have been invested the money, but sometimes I win stuff here and there (usually always when I just threw something in pretty much last minute and then forgot all about it, but win is win, right?) and I guess if I want to keep that up I have to enter here and there, too, or no chance. So, wish me luck, people!

And now back to work.

Oh, since a post with no pictures is boring I will put some together from the film from last night, one moment… :

Josiane Keller - 16 bunnies turning heads nr12

Josiane Keller “16 bunnies turning heads nr.12″ (2014)

There. Looks like this. Gotta work now…

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Party time: four Bashas and two Claires dancing and what is the difference between a photograph of a person (we do not know) or a similar photograph of a figure of a person, or is there a difference, really?

March 18, 2014

What a day! Oh my!!! Seems like everyone was super touchy til last night, last night inclusive, but hey. Maybe the spring in the air? Or perhaps the fact that I am the only person sober tonight, it seems.

Meanwhile I started a new film, exactly, one of the kind, how was that? “Militant feminism”, that’s right. Oh dear, oh dear. Anyways, no, it is not militant at all, no organized killing of people in any way suggested, advised or executed. Instead only Basha and Claire and a form of party, and hey! There is heavy stripping involved. Footage is ready and done with but I need still sound and am not sure at all if it’s going to be voice-over or some form of music.

Anyways here are some stills from it, which I am so far pretty happy with:

Josiane Keller - Basha dancing

 Josiane Keller “Basha dancing” (2014)

Josiane Kelller - Basha dancing 2

Josiane Kelller “Basha dancing 2″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - Basha dancing 3

 Josiane Keller “Basha dancing 3″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - Basha dancing 4

 Josiane Keller “Basha dancing 4″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - Claire dancing

Josiane Keller “Claire dancing” (2014)

Josiane Keller - Claire dancing close-up

Josiane Keller “Claire dancing close-up” (2014)

Skipped the nudi-pics for time being, they look better in the film.

And if you are telling me now “there is way too much Basha by now” I will tell you “how can there be too much Basha, if nobody ever complains there might be too much Kate Moss?”

The interesting question is now: what is the difference between a photograph of a person (we do not know) or a similar photograph of a figure of a person, or is there a difference, really?

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New picture “monster” – good morning emancipation! In honor of Casey Jenkins

March 17, 2014

A new picture.

Josiane Keller - monster

Josiane Keller “monster” (2014)

Of course this is a rather ironic image with all the knob handles and the big hole of the toilet (holes are dangerous things you can fall into, guys!) and that hairy thing sitting right there. There would be plenty of art from the recent centuries to reference it to, since men’s fear of women, or rather fear of his own sexuality is as old as hormones developed in mankind, but this time I will just leave this and let it speak as it is.

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Four video interviews with photographer Anders Petersen (you know, the one from Tom Waits’ Album “Rain Dogs”!) and it’s all about longing – without longing no pictures at all.

March 16, 2014

I have basically two favorite artists right now, both photographers, one (of course) Daido Moriyama, if you didn’t know that yet then maybe you clicked in here for the first time or you didn’t pay attention, and the other is Swedish photographer Anders Petersen, living in Stockholm.

In some ways their work has many things in common that I like and achieve in my own work, so maybe it is not so strange liking these two and also not so interesting because they are not very different.

Both work mainly black/white, take pictures of people that look like snapshots, in Moriyama’s case definitely are snapshots, in Petersen’s case maybe lesser so and more portraits of people he wants to know a little bit about or it seems he might suggest that to his audience or suggest they should find out, which is very interesting, too.

Anyways, I came across this video interview with Petersen and it is wonderful and you should all listen to it as well:

and here is the link to his homepage:

And this is the famous shot on the Tom Waits’ album “Rain Dogs”:

Anders Petersen - Cafe Lehmitz

  Anders Petersen “Cafe Lehmitz” (1967-1970)

taken in Cafe  Lehmitz in Hamburg in the late 60′s.

Petersen’s photographs are very compassionate and show human life, perhaps more than any other photographer I could think of.

Here is another video interview according his SOHO project, he says here ” It’s all about longing. Without longing no pictures at all.”

That is maybe true, at least no GOOD pictures:

Since he is such a wonderful personality, why not make this a little bit deeper?

Here is yet another video interview about him giving a talk according an exhibition in Ghent:,

here he says: “This is also important in photography: the memory and it is important to take care of it in a distinct way, in a respectful way.”

and one more with’s in Riga:

he says here: “I am going for my longings and my memories. I’m trying to catch my memories and realize them.”

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New insights about my photography, two exciting new pictures (exciting mainly for me!), a video interview with photographer Donata Wenders looking for the ‘invisible’, another photo of A.J. that initially didn’t not convince but was overworked and needs to sit now (for thinking time)

March 15, 2014

Ha, that sounds like some sort of advertisement, but in fact the one excited right now is mainly me.

I was overworking images and came up with some very important insights, again: when I say “Important” I mean first of all “important for me”; I am developing some ideas that work technically and ideologically for what kind of work I want to make, no more than that.

I am in the middle of this process, holding by breath what happens next (again, no big difference at all to anyone out there, this is just me figuring something out) and here, so far two (overworked) images as right now I feel they say much better what I want my images to say:

Josiane Keller - fetus

Josiane Keller “fetus” (2014)


Josiane Keller - whale

 Josiane Keller “whale” (2014)

And I came across the beautiful photographs of Donata Wenders (wife of director Wim Wenders), and connected to that an interview according a show from 2012; unfortunately it is in German, but one thing she says, “I am trying to particularly point something out or show it, but instead am following something that touches me; I am looking almost for the invisible, although of course it is always visible” (00:28), [what a beautiful statement!] :

Meanwhile I worked out another picture of A.J. (the figure), which didn’t look very convincing to me and not surreal enough because it looked simply like a very decorative image of a dude at the ballgame. In terms of a “good image” it is really irrelevant if it was taken from a model or an actual human if the final photograph only looks like a nice picture of any person, even if it is very decorative and even if the making of it is a little strange, after it is made nobody knows about that anymore and the picture has to be able to stand alone, not only with an explanation.

*But two days later I worked a bit with it and it is definitely better now, although I need to think a little longer about it if it is now a “good” picture. Anyways, so far it looks like this:

Josiane Keller - A.J.

 Josiane Keller “A.J.” (2014)

Thinking time.

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Horse images by Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas

March 14, 2014

Don’t think I am not working. I am spending tons of time compiling portfolio-packages and sample images and sending them out to various places that either expressed to be willing to look at them or that state clearly that they are up for emerging artists.

So wish me luck.

Also today I am throwing a massive birthday party. Not that I have time or am particularly keen on doing so, but sometimes we have to do these things and that’s that, and maybe that is a good thing like that.

And then there is still the horse scene to be shot for my “I anyways live until I die” -film, where the original footage was beautiful and needed still a bit more contract at the point when the horses are supposedly running really fast. So far I acquired a new background in sky-blue, although I will shoot in back/white, but I have to first sort out these submissions.

Meanwhile I came across the beautiful photography of Dutch artist Charlotte Dumas (not to be confused with the painter Marlene!), I am really touched by her work and as she states that was the idea to communicated emotions without using a human model, in that sense her and my intentions match well.

Here a video about her work:

here the link to her website:

Charlotte Dumas - Ringo Arlington national cemetery VA 2012

 Charlotte Dumas “Ringo Arlington national cemetery VA” (2012)


Charlotte Dumas - Major II Arlington national cemetery VA 2012

Charlotte Dumas “Major II Arlington national cemetery VA” (2012)

These are just my two favorites, but there are plenty more and that is what she does: animal photographs in a very conceptual way, besides. I love it.

Gives me ideas…

Josiane Keller - Fair Pony painted

Josiane Keller “Fair Pony painted” (2012)

Back to portfolios….

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Elinor Carucci: Mother at Parsons the New School for Design Department of Photography and REVLON

March 13, 2014

On Wednesday, March 6 2014. Aperture Foundation, in collaboration with the Department of Photography at Parsons the New School for Design, presented a talk and book signing with artist Elinor Carucci;

here the presentation on vimeo in three parts, so much she says was very interesting to hear, about the hardship of relationship to the hardship of marketing one’s work in somewhat reasonable art galleries:

Probably by far my favorite picture of hers is this one:

Elinor Carucci - Revlon

Elinor Carucci “Revlon” (1997)

here her personal site:

Just for fun, compare with Andrea d’Assisi’s ”Portrait of a Boy”:

Andrea d'Assisi Portrait of a Boy - 1495-1500

Andrea d’Assisi “Portrait of a Boy – detail” (~1495-1500)


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A new poster: “Was wollen Sie von mir ?” (‘What do you want from me ?’) and fun spam

March 12, 2014

After overworking and updating my website (=taking a lot of old, outdated items off) it is time to add something fresh and new, especially where I had brand new insights!

The poster category started out with a couple of band and show posters, as pragmatic as that, I wished to earn a bit of a side income with designing such performance posters. But it turns out that the people who could need a real interesting posters have plainly said no money to buy one and one ends up doing it for the love of it.

Instead I realized what an interesting documenting diary effect these posters have. So I take it a step further, I might as well make posters for the highlights of my less than average life and pretend it is all a movie and in the end we will see a credit line scrolling upwards when we step over spilled popcorn and walk out into the bright daylight.

Here today’s poster:

Josiane Keller - Was wollen sie von mir

Josiane Keller “Was wollen Sie von mir ?” / *’What do you want from me ?’ (2014)

* This is funny, look what spam I got today: “Good article. I am going through some of these issues as well..” Poor thing!

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Restructuring the website, a massive clean-up and clarification, photography and moving image and Fukushima Daiichi

March 12, 2014

Despite it’s sentimental values accumulating artwork from as far back as my graduate study days I realized I had to clarify my website and delete a whole number of categories that I am not working in since a while, nor am I actively marketing those.

What’s left is work based on photography and moving image. I kept the “What is the difference if I am here or not here?” -project from 3 /11 Japan as the only work in the medium drawing on board.

Little Nationalist

Josiane Keller “Little Nationalist” (2011)

This particularly as the news regarding the nuclear power plant in Fukushima Daiichi are still of interest, sadly so, as long as the plant is actively releasing radioactivity airborne as well as in waste water, which does affect the well-being of everybody. (If you still eat ocean sea-food, sea weed included, keep in mind that water as well as fish migrate. Perhaps stick to farm raised trout?)

The update of my website will probably take the best of today, so that is all I can post right now, but do look around and don’t hesitate commenting or forwarding things that you find interesting!

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New category under “NOW”: “Prostitutes”, Kurt Weill, Brassai, and a promised but never happening project with H.I.P.S. Washington, D.C.

March 11, 2014

Since a while now I had this planned, and tonight’s the night: dragged out my girls from 2008 and went to work with them, particularly Rosie and Suzie.

I created them in a phase when I was listening non-stop (for weeks) to Kurt Weill, at the same time I also started a still lasting Brassai-fascination, so these images have something of all that and then some. (Although Brassai, thanks to the merci of time passed, by now has a sort of touching vintage-feel to it, and it somehow all doesn’t seem so grim:)

Brassai - Gyula Halász - 4 Paris images

Brassai – Gyula Halász “4 Paris images”

They have also a bit of Nan Golding in them, which is good, as there is nothing cute about prostitution, and the reason why the topic seems acute right these days is certainly because I finally had the courage to tell a fantastically pompous gallerist off, who expressed potential interest in working with me, but his nature was that kind that I would get stomach ache every time a day before each meeting with him, so that’s certainly no good in the long run. Honestly, I just couldn’t do it any longer, although the poor man certainly did do no more than simply sport an incredible attitude, nothing worse than that, not that you get the wrong impression. But these are the people in power and if they feel like it and choose to say “jump!” we better ask “how high?” and I guess I could’t take it any more. So I told him it’s not going to happen. Consequently now I will starve, obviously. (Well, let’s hope not… this is really an exceptional case!) So far my personal connection to ‘prostitution’.

Originally, in 2013 after the “Each reflection”-project I had hoped to do a similar interview project with sex workers form H.I.P.S. Washington, D.C.,

But without explanation despite the fact that before Christmas all had been enthusiastically agreed to after Christmas the lady in charge was no more reachable for me, nor was I given any explanation of a reason for that, so I had to conclude for some reason the interest in this project had drastically faded. Oh well, such is life. Perhaps another time.

You can view them right  here:

and read what’s there to say about it.

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ARC Show “Fractured Yet Rising” – some more pics and thoughts about short dresses and guys in art shows about violence against women

March 9, 2014

A few more pics from the ARC show-opening “Fractures Yet Rising” against violence against women, I took plenty, but I think you should go and see it.

It is really nice show, although I was a little worried it might be too cliche, it wasn’t at all.

If you happen to be in the Chicago area it is up until end on the month:

Iris Goldstein and project partner - ARC show cartoon characters

 Iris Goldstein & project partner /ARC show “cartoon characters” (2014)

Pippa’s flakes are right here, maybe you recall them from the animated mini-project we tried a couple of weeks ago:

ARC show - Pippa Arend Flakes

Pippa Arend /ARC show “Flakes” (2014)

and then there was this:

ARC show - altar with an old guy and a young woman

ARC show – altar with an old guy and a young woman, photo: Josiane Keller (2014)

Perhaps you noticed on the BLOG entry before I was wearing a daringly short dress for that opening? And I certainly wan not the only one with that thought and matching outfit, after all this was a show about empowering and re-empowering.

Now this very guy who so interested reads the description going with the votive-candle piece had the great idea to brush up against me.

That can happen at a crowded opening, you might say. True. But picture this: you are in a gallery, surrounded by artwork about rape, battering, all sorts of violence against woman, some very direct, others more between the lines, and plenty of talk about it all. Wouldn’t you think a man reading all these I guess one could say accusing texts would be more careful and at least say “I am sorry!” I would.

So interesting that I heard other complaints like that from other girls during that evening.

Guys, you are not only a pain in the ass, you are also a joke of nature. Oh well.

So far this show, as said, it is up til end of the month, go if yo are around, it is a very interesting show, glad I am taking part in it.

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ARC Gallery Chicago – Fractured Yet Rising – show, some first pics: Usagi-chan in action and Grace Needlman “The Wise Woman of Cordoba”

March 8, 2014

In Chicago doing other things than writing BLOG, so just super-quickly some fist pictures of the Fractured Yet Rising opening at ARC Gallery (I will put more later).

Here “Usagi-chan in action”:

Josiane Keller - I don't need these anymore

Josiane Keller “I don’t need these anymore” (2014)

I loved this piece by Grace Needlman “The Wise Woman of Cordoba”, a big ship drawn with charcoal onto the wall, once could add to it, read the description:

Josiane Keller - ARC GAllery - Fractured yet Rising-show - Grace Needleman - The Wise Woman of Cordoba

Josiane Keller “ARC GAllery – Fractured yet Rising-show – Grace Needlman – The Wise Woman of Cordoba” (2014)

Josiane Keller - ARC Gallery - Fractured Yet Rising-show

 Josiane Keller “ARC Gallery – Fractured Yet Rising-show” (2014)

Here is the link to her site:

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“COLLECTIVE EXODUS INTO THE BOREDOM OF A TOILETWALL: selfXPRESSION IS OUR next to last CURRENCY A DOG’S PISS MARK LOL” – why Olafur Eliasson and Ai WeiWei’s project is total bullshit, a Daido Moriyama picture (one more!) and more on a herd of galloping horses

March 6, 2014

Artists Olafur Eliasson

and Ai WeiWei

were combined despite physical distance in intellectual harmony by curator Marcello Pisu

in the interactive virtual project

What it says it wants is this:

“The instant a touch is made, things are set in motion. Make a drawing to reach out and be touched. Drawing together we are drawn together. This is how we make a difference in the world, on micro and macro levels, individually and collectively. Touch the moon by drawing on it – a vision, doodle, statement, a greeting, thought. . . your drawing is a hinge between you, everyone else, and the universe.

By connecting in spaces for imagination – by determining what to share and how to share it – we can create a greater outcome. Through messages and non-verbal communication, in a language unique to each person, the collective work becomes a testament to personal freedom, creativity, and activity.

Celebrate with us the gathering of creative powers from around the globe to mark the passage from nothing to something and from thinking into doing. Savour this moment of transformation. Leave your fingerprint and see the shared moon grow as others reach out too. Let’s show the world that together our marks matter. Creativity defies boundaries.

Ideas, wind, and air no one can stop.

Ai Weiwei and Olafur Eliasson”

We have a black and white design of a more or less (more less than more thanks to crappy perspective) assumed ball-shaped white circle. With some imagination and support of association from the title we conclude: Aha! There it sis: the moon!” It rotates. Have you ever come across these opening pages of some children book illustrators or designers with Martha Stewart-taste who think it makes their stuff look somehow better if it is difficult to enter the website by having little creatures fly all over the opening page, and you have to chase them and click on the, but they move away when you come near them? So this imaginary “moon” moves like that.

And now: doodle everybody! Spread the wisdom!

But wait, not so fast. To hail world piece and the irrepressible freedom of mind (‘mind’ being marketed as = intelligence. which is my first complaint, not everybody who has a more or less functioning mind is blessed with intelligence, and freedom, another association with everything where Ai WeiWei has something to do with) first you have to set up an account.

Yes, there will be cookies. That collect not only data of what wisdom you spread on this imaginary moon. The cookies, as cookies do will collect data from everything you look at online.

This is in my European eyes the OPPOSITE of freedom of mind and I would not be at all surprised if this project has stocks and Mr. Zuckerberg owns plenty of them.


However, let’s for one moment not concentrate on the ridiculous and scary irony of how this project is being marketed and what it is reality does.

Let’s play a good sport and participate. Now let’s have a look what the suppressed intelligence of people all over the world has to secretly lure through a hole in evil intelligence suppression, so we can anyways read it at any time and anywhere… Gosh, I feel just like Lady Marian climbing in disguise over the castle walls and galloping towards Sherwood Forest, fighting evil suppression with the pure outcast brotherhood.

Let’s see… so here is one: “I loved you from the moment we met.”, “FREE SYRIA” is another. “Hanni”, “I have a ping [possibly it reads 'Ding'] of 6co [possibly reads '600'] in cs:s” 

I give you a short break to meditate on that for a while before we continue.

There are doodles, some cryptic. “I want to be like you.” , a link address to a site in Chile, which is against the rules btw, but finally here some real wisdom, as far as one can expect it from a project like this:


What do we learn from looking at this project? Once again, being an artist requires a fundamental training, when looking at contemporary art in philosophy. Same as in any other profession you better get a decent training. I admit there are here and there people who anyways think that way without having gone through the official training, although if you did a little deeper in such cases you will probably usually find out that these people are reading three books on philosophy in a week and have done so since they are about ten years old or in other ways have educated themselves or were raised in an artist household or God knows what plenty of exposure they had.

And I also admit even with training the outcome varies and there is not guarantee just because you have two degrees in conceptual art you are able to make mind-boggling work.

But having said all this, please, not everyone is an artist and not everyone is able to give off something what is en enrichment to mankind if accumulated on a website, besides the fact that apart from visual design the moon-project is doing nothing else from what any other social network does, see above, I assume you can purchase stocks on it for exactly that reason, data collection is valuable to some.

FAZIT: I am definitely disappointed, as I had hoped for something really cool coming out of this collaboration, and this is total bullshit and please reconsider and do better next time, guys!


I so far really liked Ei WeiWei’s work (sunflower seeds!), same as the rest of the world, and am a bit unsure if I like Olafur Eliasson’s work (sunsets?), but this moon thing I do not like although it is very ironic for many reasons and that bit is perhaps interesting.

Back to real good art, here one more wonderful photograph of Daido Moriyama (because one can never see enough Daido Moriyama photographs!):

Daido Moriyama - Hatano-Kanagawa -1964

Daido Moriyama “Hatano-Kanagawa” (1964)

Back to the herd of horses. I finished one clip last night, which was crazy. I am using the Sallies, and it is hard enough to get them going to make it looks we have a 16 horses galloping in a rectangle. For this clip, which is part of “I anyways live until I die” I am trying to create the illusion of a random amount of horses a galloping in a herd; initially four, and then two come later (yes yes, always them slow ones in the end…!), I probably will need to make more footage today, trying perhaps another angle. Anyways, so four randomly galloping horse, trying to overtake each other and what else horses might do running across a field, that requires a great deal of counting, if it is not real actual horses but figures from clay.

I should give you some pictures as illustration of what I am taking about, I guess:

Josiane Keller - herd of horses running - test pics

 Josiane Keller “herd of horses running – test pics” (2014)

I might need to fiddle a bit on the contrast, but so much as a peek picture. 

* thirteen hours later I realize I need to re-do the footage, although the horses were great the light was impossible (not enough contrast no matter what) and I need to come up with better light, or a dark background or black horses or …..         ?

Terribly annoying, but I try my best to tell myself I need to put it down to experience and it is certainly not the first time.

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Finally the herd of horses galloping footage and its issues

March 5, 2014

At last I got going on these herd of horses running.

Very tricky. For starters a shredder misplaces and plugged in in my studio crushed on one of them, so I had to run out get superglue and fix a broken leg and that also means I have to re-do that one for later one, for now test footage it is OK.

This time it being a whole herd of horses the counting behind a gallop sequence is insane, no way to be compared with the single Sallie as she was running nicely in a rectangle, this is flaming lunacy but I am right smack in the middle so there is only one way out and that is forwards.

Test photos later on, for now pray that nothing else crushes on my horses here and I get this bloody footage completed.


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An Interview with Nobuyoshi Araki by Hyewon Yi “Crossing Boundaries” and the morals of nude clay figures

March 5, 2014

In connection with showing  my images of Milli and E. a friend of mine from Vienna suggested an Austrian photographer. I didn’t know of her so far and did not find her interesting nor did I see the connection (besides the passport, and that a camera is involved) to my work, which is also the reason why I won’t put the link up here; instead I explained the topic behind is way more erotic but also questioning human identity and my own personal identity looking at ourselves as sexual beings.

I see a contextual connection between my work and Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki instead, and told her so. I started wondering if she will be shocked, when she reads it, and about culturally based difference in moral applied to imagery. As far as I can say in Austria the general public besides the art world might experience Araki’s photography objectifying, sexist and therefor respectless. I found it interesting that whilst I am fiercely against any chauvinist attitude where I believe to see it I have absolutely no problem with Araki’s photographs, maybe not only by being an artist, but by living in Europe, US and Japan. Of course not just location and cultural context but also time change how an image is being perceived by the audience.

I came across this article from 2011 and am posting it here to read:;rgn=main

Josiane Keller - Milli leaning forwards

Josiane Keller “Milli leaning forwards” (2014)

Josiane Keller - street scene - E

Josiane Keller “street scene – E.” (2014)

What is interesting is that I (obviously) do not use actual people here, but small scale figures from clay. Still morals are being discussed. Funny. Strange life.

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A beautiful photo of Casey Jenkins by Tarzan JungleQueen, some older pictures on horses, a show on David Lynch’s photographs and an interview with him, four new ones on women and loads of Nobuyoshi Araki (as there can never be enough Nobuyoshi Araki photographs), dolls like people and people like dolls

March 5, 2014

First of all, simply because I got it to share the bliss, here a really gorgeous picture taken by Tarzan JungleQueen of the lovely Casey Jenkins:

Tarzan JungleQueen - Casey Jenkins

Tarzan JungleQueen “Casey Jenkins” (2014)

Here the link to her photos on her developing facebook page:

and then, after making that photography portfolio and since I am now working on the horse footage, the already plenty of times shown “Fair Pony painted” and some other pics from that series:

Josiane Keller - Fair Pony painted

Josiane Keller “Fair Pony painted” (2012)

Josiane Keller - Fair Pony painted 2

Josiane Keller “Fair Pony painted 2″ (2012)

Josiane Keller - Fair Pony - bw version

Josiane Keller “Fair Pony – bw version” (2012)

Josiane Keller - Sparklehorse - Radio Sessions

Josiane Keller “Sparklehorse – Radio Sessions” (date unknown*)

*I could not find out if this pictures was actually taken by David Lynch who worked with Sparklehorse, or only one like it, neither the exact date, if you know more by all means share the bliss of wisdom!

By the way, David Lynch’s photo exhibition “Small Stories” is still up until 16th March at the “Maison Européenne de la Photographie”:

and an interview with him, accordingly with Henry Chapier:

Daido Moriyama - Dosanko - Hokkaido Horse 2009

Daido Moriyama “Dosanko – Hokkaido Horse” (2009)

Here once again (and a tic larger to look at) the “Milli leanings forwards” shot. The figure origins from a period in 2008. I was listening obsessively to Kurt Weill’s “3 Penny Opera” and was completely programmed to German Expressionism. Obviously this figure is much more abstract than the ones for the “Each reflection”- project. What I found interesting is that it works very well for an erotic shot and that makes me think about to what extent can we make an image abstract and it still works as an erotic shot?

Josiane Keller - Milli leaning forwards

Josiane Keller “Milli leaning forwards” (2014)

Reminded me of this famous shot by Kertesz,

Andre Kertesz - Satiric Dancer 1926

Andre Kertesz “Satiric Dancer” (1926)

and more or less any third nude shot by Nobuyoshi Araki*, and if you know his work you know that means MANY, very many! :

Nobuyoshi Araki

Nobuyoshi Araki

*in all his faun-nesque ways I find him fabulous, so there will be many of his to look at, and here is his site:

 And then I took this one of a figure with the the name, well, let’s call her E. – out of discretion:

Josiane Keller “street scene – E.” (2014)

Josiane Keller - street scene - E

Josiane Keller “street scene – E.” (2014)

To be even more discrete, let’s blacken out her eyes on this shot:

Josiane Keller - street scene - E. at work

Josiane Keller “street scene – E. at work” (2014)

close-up, which should be on a huge billboard, I think:

Josiane Keller - street scene - E. close-up

Josiane Keller “street scene – E. close-up” (2014)

 and once more Nobuyoshi Araki, dolls like people ad people like dolls:

Nobuyoshi Araki

Nobuyoshi Araki

a very nymphette Yoko Ono:

Nobuyoshi Araki - Yoko, 1964

Nobuyoshi Araki “Yoko” (1964)

Nobuyoshi Araki

Nobuyoshi Araki

So far these, going to bed, more thinking and working on this all tomorrow!

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Portfolio was finished in the early morning hours, sent and here you can see it: 8 photos and back-up images (some of them prophetic photographs) in scroll form I and II, how long is the space on the internet? and scrolls like a film

March 3, 2014

As you can read in the headline, it is done and sent.

What? The portfolio I have been working on, showing the evolution of my photographs (in only minimalist amount of images, if you want more, easy: scroll backwards on this BLOG!), references* and future plans.

*When I say “references” I mean images I may have seen before I made mine, but very often found AFTER I made mine and they correspond. A ‘prophetic photograph’ so to speak. It seems to happen frequently, at least to me, that I create an image that is already there so to speak without having seen it before. C.G. Jung has an explanation for that, communal memory, and that works well for me. It never bothered me, besides the entertaining effect and sadly so it rarely has any real deeper meaning, so I take it as it is.

Anyways, please look at the pictures. I put this up in scroll form. Something I have been thinking about, how long is the space on the internet? Can I occupy a lot of space with a very long scroll image?

Josiane Keller - eight photos and back-up images - scroll

Josiane Keller “eight photos and back-up images – scroll” (2012-14)

 *I will put the titles and author where it wasn’t me up, but honestly guys, as silly as it sounds, I have not eaten since something like 18 hours (can that be?) but worked almost all night through, so I will take a break now and do it later! Sorry!

**(…) Ahh, I need to work more on this, this is too small. BUT NOW SOME FOOD!

Back and here what I had in mind, let’s hope it works, scroll II:

Josiane Keller - eight photographs and back-up images - scroll II

Josiane Keller “eight photographs and back-up images – scroll II” (2012-14)

HA!!! Hurrah, it works! There. Like a film! oh wonders of the internet!


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