3 Nudes, 2 untitled and one collabone

November 23, 2014

Have you ever noticed that “Nude” photographs so very often are “untitled” and then a head is missing?

101 Josiane Keller - untitled 1

Josiane Keller “girl” (2014)

Josiane Keller - untitled 2

Josiane Keller “untitled 2″ (2014)

then there are other body parts:

Josiane Keller - collarbone

Josiane Keller “collarbone” (2014)

“Rent-A-Family Fills Emotional Need in busy Japan” by Teresa Watanabe (LAT), Benita Marcussen “Men and Their Sex Dolls” and Koreeda Hirokazu’s “Air Doll” (2009)

November 22, 2014

On stand-ins, read this very interesting article by Teresa Watanabe from Los Angeles Times (1992):


“… A Tokyo company, Japan Efficiency Corp., is doing a booming business renting families to the lonely. It also offers personal assistants to recognition-starved homemakers, sympathetic ears to stressed-out executives, even people to scold for those who are dying to tell someone off but can’t in this culture of restraint. …”

compare to the photographer Benita Marcussen’s photographs of men who have relationships with their sex dolls, recently all over the net:


and also:


Benita Marcussen - Everard with 'Anouska'

Benita Marcussen “Everard with Anouska” , © Benita Marcussen

here is her website:


The topic was discussed many times before, and there are numerous samples which I won’t all list here, only mention this very spectacular, award-winning movie by Japanese director Koreeda Hirokazu “Air Doll” (2009), based on the manga series Kuuki Ningyo by Yoshiie Gōda:

Koreeda Hirokazu - Air Doll - 2009

Koreeda Hirokazu “Air Doll” (2009)

watch a clip (in Japanese)  here:


and here on with English subtitles (I do recommend watching them both in that order if you have time and interest, as it is very insightful):




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David Lynch photograph and model “Eve” (and how she really looks like)

November 22, 2014

Here one of David Lynch’s amazing photographs:

David Lynch - untitled - 2009

David Lynch “untitled” (2009)

and here my model for the “Eve” shots (and how she really looks like):

 Josiane Keller - model Eve

Josiane Keller “model Eve” (2014)

Remember? She didn’t make it through the bisque firing…

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More prostitution: a girl versus girl versus a woman and William Morris’ “La Belle Iseult”

November 21, 2014

Some new pics, ‘girl’:

Josiane Keller - girl

Josiane Keller “girl” (2014)

and ‘a girl’:

Josiane Keller - a girl

Josiane Keller “a girl” (2014)

Mind you, there is a difference between a ‘girl’ and a ‘woman’.

Meanwhile, just for fun, compare “a girl” with William Morris’ painting ‘La belle Iseult’ (revered and in black/white):

William Morris ‘La Belle Iseult’ 1858 reversed bw

William Morris “La Belle Iseult”, reversed bw (1858)

here the original:

William Morris ‘La Belle Iseult’ 1858

William Morris “La Belle Iseult” (1858)

Read more about the painting here:  http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/morris-la-belle-iseult-n04999/text-summary

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Brief interruption: no yahoo mail, an undersea cable is severed and a cable repair ship has been mobilized

November 21, 2014

No yahoo mail today, instead, we are learning this, an underwater fiber cable is cut (imagine this!) and a cable repair ship has been mobilized and will be at the site this weekend (fascinating, even if it is annoying, it is ALSO fascinating, think about it…):

“Users of Yahoo Mail have experienced disruptions for the past two days as the result of what the company says is the severing of an undersea cable. The worst affected regions seem to be the Eastern USA and Western Europe. A message on Yahoo’s Help Central web page says:

“Some Yahoo Mail users are experiencing delays in accessing and viewing their mail. We’ll be posting updates regularly on this page to keep everyone informed of our progress. Thank you for your patience as we work to fully resolve this.”

“We are aware that Yahoo Mail is slow or inaccessible for some of our users. The issues were a result of an underwater fiber cable cut, caused by a third party while fixing a separate cable. The engineering team has rerouted email traffic to mitigate accessibility issues. A cable repair ship has been mobilized and will be at the site this weekend. We apologize for the inconvenience as we certainly understand email is a critical service for our customers.”


 Josiane Keller - an undersea cable is severed and a cable repair ship has been mobilized

Josiane Keller “an undersea cable is severed and a cable repair ship has been mobilized” (2014)

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Eve under the bridge

November 19, 2014

Remember little Eve who exploded in the kiln during her premature bisque firing? Well, as once again it turns out one should never give up hope, as Eve is modeling for me today for an aged prostitute, junkie and alcoholic who lives under a bridge.

Here the shots:

Josiane Keller - Eve under the bridge 1

Josiane Keller “Eve under the bridge 1″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - Eve under the bridge 2

Josiane Keller “Eve under the bridge 2″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - Eve

Josiane Keller “Eve” (2014)

and finally:

Josiane Keller - Eve down

Josiane Keller “Eve down” (2014)

Well. Every work of art is also a little bit of a self portrait.

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The Elephant book cover, fallen lady and Laechelnde

November 16, 2014

The book with the elephant book cover arrived (my personal sample! Hurrah!!) and it looks like this:

Josiane Keller - elephant book cover

Josiane Keller “elephant book cover” (2014)

… again: if you are around, you can go to the presentation on Thursday at MALAPROPS in Asheville, NC: 


And here the pics I took yesterday of the “fallen lady”:

Josiane Keller - fallen lady - by a window

Josiane Keller “fallen lady /by a window (2014)” (2014)


 Josiane Keller - fallen lady 2

Josiane Keller “fallen lady 2″ (2014)

and also:

Josiane Keller - die Laechelnde

Josiane Keller “die Laechelnde” (2014)

(*the smiling one)

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Prostitute picture printing day (14th Nov), Christie’s NY and Triple Elvis-day (12th Nov)

November 14, 2014

The kiln is finished and the firing seems to have gone well without any explosions or breakages, Jenny’s nose seems mended so far. And so we can now proceed to some serious shooting session, only that the first snow has arrived outside, and loads of it, so I need to either integrate that or be creative or both.

I decided this time not to show the kiln opening picture, as it somewhat destroys the illusion.

And instead of shooting again, unless I go out once more (by now it is ice cold and dark) today was anyways spent printing and running out to get more ink, as I ran out of black right in the middle of a print.

I can actually show a picture of the printing process, and you can see the prints all over my studio floor drying, (the Mungo complaining since hours the space is so messy he can’t think, but that is HIS problem, I can think perfectly well):

Josiane Keller - prostitute picture printing day

Josiane Keller “prostitute picture printing day” (2014)

I wish I had a pile of money (grant?) to print some of these at least A1 or even larger inclusive the money to frame them then… well maybe at some point. Then again…Andy Warhol’s ‘Triple Elvis’ sold for $81.9m (£51.9m):

Andy Warhol - Triple Elvis

Andy Warhol “Triple Elvis” (1963)

Download PDF info right here (and keep it for next time):


The provisional 2014 budget for Medecins Sans Frontieres’ Ebola response in West Africa is €51 million, wasn’t it?… Just saying.




Triple Elvis

Josiane Keller “Triple Elvis” (2014)

[*puppet created by the genius of Mike Bradley]

Never mind, never mind. Back to more prostitution…



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Jenny with broken nose im Ofen and Hiraki Sawa “Did I?”

November 13, 2014

Today habe ich Jenny und die Anderen in den Ofen gesteckt, mal sehen ob die gerettete Nase sich ueberhaupt retten lassen will.

Josiane Keller - Jenny with broken nose im Ofen

Josiane Keller “Jenny with broken nose im Ofen” (2014)

Time will tell.

Meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy Hiraki Sawa’s video “Did I?” (2013) on memory:


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Test pics – Jenny working with broken nose

November 12, 2014

Jenny (of course she is called “Jenny”, so other way, after all that Kurt Weill I am listening to!) so far only bisqued was not very firm on her pretty legs for the test shooting and fell over, consequently broke her nose. Since the happy days of Johnny and Coraline (my clay-nibbling cockatiels, R.I.P.) I am fast in fixing broken fingers, legs and noses. If already bisqued is a bit more tricky, but at least for the test shoot it was good enough, so here the test pics of Jenny working with a broken nose:

 Josiane Keller - Jenny working with broken nose 1

 Josiane Keller “Jenny working with broken nose 1″ (2014)


Josiane Keller - Jenny working with broken nose 2

Josiane Keller “Jenny working with broken nose 2″ (2014)

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Test pics Little fat prostitute, working and close-up, the elephant may (or may not!) become for sale and Nina Hart’s book presentation at MALAPROPS

November 11, 2014

Here so far this, (she too is only decorated, not fired yet):

Josiane Keller - Little fat prostitute working

Josiane Keller “Little fat prostitute working” (2014)

and two close-ups, honestly, once again, I could not make up my mind which one I prefer, this one:

Josiane Keller- Little fat prostitute close-up 1

Josiane Keller “Little fat prostitute, close-up 1″ (2014)

or this one:

 Josiane Keller - Little fat prostitute close-up 2

Josiane Keller “Little fat prostitute, close-up 2″ (2014)

Any tips or comments are welcome, as ever.

Besides that I am contemplating to sell the elephant from the 2012 project, which is against my principles, but I need to make some money and, well, here we go again:


By the way: the book I made it originally for is going to come out on the 20th and will be presented at MALAPROPS bookstore in the beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. If you are anywhere near, go and enjoy!


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Test pics of the pregnant housewife: ‘mom’ and ‘dear memory’

November 10, 2014

Some test pics of the pregnant housewife decorated (but not fired yet):

Josiane Keller - mom

Josiane Keller “mom” (2014)


Josiane Keller - dear memory

Josiane Keller “dear memory” (2014)

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fallen lady- at work

November 7, 2014

This one is tricky in many ways. So far here:

Josiane Keller - fallen lady

Josiane Keller “fallen lady” (2014)

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“Nude” by Edward Weston and “Nude” by me… – first test shots

November 7, 2014

I managed yesterday to finish a new sculpture, she is all nude and I am not sure, if she is going to be one of the prostitutes, she has too much“Eve” in here. (I will try not to kill her by firing her to early…)

Apparently one of Edward Weston’s nude-picture is one of the most expensive photographs ever sold.



“Nude” (1925), sold at Sotheby’s NY for $ 1,609,000 in April 2008, which looks like this:

Edward Weston - Nude

Edward Weston “Nude” (1925)

*The original is a bit more on the yellowish side, I believe. That is the question: was it yellow when Weston took it or is it yellow now?

Oh well, let’s see.

For now I took some first test shots (of my own model, of course):

Josiane Keller - Nude 1

Josiane Keller “Nude 1″ (2014)

 Josiane Keller - legs

Josiane Keller “legs” (2014)

Josiane Keller - Nude 2

Josiane Keller “Nude 2″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - legs 2

Josiane Keller “legs 2″ (2014)

As you will admit, she too has some fabulous legs. From clay.

Human beings seem pretty basic at times to me.

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Sitzende, test shots

November 7, 2014

Decorated the first of the prostitutes, had some trouble deciding on the right hairdo, but finally came up with a nice fringe, and did the first set of test shoots:

Josiane Keller - Sitzende 1-4

Josiane Keller “Sitzende 1-4″ (2014)

She is not fired yet, but so far so good (ecellent legs, don’t you think?!)

Here with a framed shoot of the 2012 project “Peter painted”, one day I shall have the money to print it on that scale (or someone will…):

Josiane Keller - Sitzende 5 und 7

Josiane Keller “Sitzende 5 und 7″ (2014)

and also:

Josiane Keller - Sitzende 6 und 8

Josiane Keller “Sitzende 6 und 8″ (2014)

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The faithful representation of what was captured at the time of the shot being taken must be maintained

November 6, 2014

I may need to think of a new category for new photos with live models. Hmm. So far these:

Josiane Keller - giant

Josiane Keller “giant” (2014)

…then one should always have some puppetry in one’s life. This was the shopfront that gave the name for our
Compagnie MaMa’s-project a year ago:

Josiane Keller - MaMa's

Josiane Keller “MaMa’s” (2014)

In a current photography competition it was stated in the rules “The faithful representation of what was captured at the time of the shot being taken must be maintained.”

(Perhaps that can be the name of my new album!)

(*PS: …and it is, right here:

http://www.josianekeller.com/category/not-japan/the-faithful-representation-of-what-was-captured-at-the-time-of-the-shot-being-taken-must-be-maintained/   )

I discussed that with a friend, I will simply quote his reply to that here:

“the faithful representation” according to…what? a camera?
I dream of a camera that can represent faithfully what I see and how I see it.
Blurry, moving, smoky, ghostly, overexposed dazzling “reality”.

Josiane Keller - kiss 2014

Josiane Keller “kiss” (2014)

‘kiss’-photos can seem so romantic that people at times even get jealous. But in reality they do not say much, it is only one moment, one motion, the rest is most of the time projection of the viewer. It can be the biggest lie ever, and people sometimes want to be lied to, so they have a vehicle for their dreams and an outlet for their jealousies. So in this case I wanted to show a ‘kiss’-photo without creating this romantic ‘kiss’-photo mood.

…And then again elephants, which I love, somehow (who doesn’t love elephants?):

Josiane Keller - elephant

Josiane Keller “elephant” (2014)

…compare with this drawing, can you see it?

Josiane Keller - two grey elephants tattoo design

Josiane Keller “two grey elephants tattoo design” (2013)

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Brief interlude: silly yet entertaining spam (NOT ZEN quality, but hey) and Haendel’s Water Music (1717)

November 5, 2014

For once there is this one:

“You’ve made some really good points there. I checked on the internet for more info about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this web site.”

Thanks, man! And then there is this one here:

“I am not sure where you are getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thanks for wonderful information I was looking for this information for my mission.”

Sure thing!

(The first one is selling some sort of suits, I think, and the other one is about dieting.)

Anyways, back to work and thanks for the wonderful encouragement, even if it means …. nothing.

Meanwhile let’s listen to some music.

How about Haendel’s “Water Music” (1717), always delightful:


More info right here:


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Eve didn’t make it and a group of girls

November 3, 2014

Eve didn’t make the firing and tore the pregnant girl over with her, but she lived, only Eve is in pieces.

Funny, all the actual prostitutes were standing fine through the whole firing. See here the inside of the kiln with Eve in pieces:

Josiane Keller - Eve didn't make it

Josiane Keller “Eve didn’t make it” (2014)

 Josiane Keller - Eve didn't make it 2

Josiane Keller “Eve didn’t make it 2″ (2014)

Has something of the reminiscence from an ancient civilization on a far way planet… Shame, but hey, I was pushing my luck with her, she was probably not through and through dried and poking a hole through is also very useful to let air out of bubbles.

Here the working girls in my studio in a group:

Josiane Keller - A group of girls

Josiane Keller “A group of girls” (2014)

Josiane Keller - A group of girls 2

Josiane Keller “A group of girls 2″ (2014)

So far these. Tomorrow more.

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Fallen Woman – Triptych

October 31, 2014

The second girl I worked on by now is dry enough to hang her on the wall, as she has a hole in her back for that, like a crucifix, and it looks then like this:

Josiane Keller - fallen lady triptych

Josiane Keller “fallen lady, triptych” (2014)

somehow I must have had something like this in mind:

Weimar Berlin prostitutes ca 1920

Weimar Berlin prostitutes, ca 1920

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Eve and Eve inverted

October 30, 2014

All morning busy working on my friend’s website to get it ready in time for his show coming up next month.

Since the pregnant housewife I was straying way from Brassai’s and Bellocq’s prostitutes for a moment, taking it even a step or two back in time and looking at Van der Goes and Van der Weyden, which I love, but it’s late, so if you don’t know them you please look them up on your own now, for time being just my Eve of today, she has a bit of Kiki Smith to her, but that’s alright, perhaps Kiki Smith also likes Northern Renaissance?


Josiane Keller - Eve

Josiane Keller “Eve” (2014)

She’s a bit dark, so I checked how it would look like inverted:

Josiane Keller - Eve inverted

Josiane Keller “Eve inverted” (2014)

Oh well, there she is after all (my absolute favourite painting ever and at all times, and I am posting it frequently):

Hugo van der Goes - Fall of Man

Hugo van der Goes “Fall of Man” (1479)

Eve, the ultimate prostitute, from a prudish perspective, anyways, an incredibly beautiful painting and times have changed, so we’re all good (I hope!) Now off to bed now, sorry for only a short post, and good night!

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Pregnant housewife

October 27, 2014

To compare with the working ladies, a pregnant housewife right here:

Josiane Keller - pregnant housewife

Josiane Keller “pregnant housewife” (2014)

Has something of a Gothic Madonna, not without reason I suppose.

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John Ernest Joseph Bellocq’s Storyville Portraits with scratched out faces and a little bit of Balthus

October 27, 2014

Checking for more images, I came across the photographer, John Ernest Joseph Bellocq (1873 – 1949) who took these portraits of Storyville (New Orleans’ red light district) prostitutes, and the fact that photographer Lee Friedlander bought them, reprinted and published them in a book in 1970:

Storyville Portraits; Photographs from the New Orleans red-light-district, circa 1912, Museum of Modern Art; distributed by New York Graphic Society, Greenwich, Conn; First Edition edition (1970)”

Here wiki’s wisdom on Bellocqhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E._J._Bellocq

further, there was a show of the 89 re-prints at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1970 and in 1996 a show at Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco, which offers a bit more info in compact form, which you can read here:


and here some images, the interesting part (for me) is: the scratched out faces (not all have scratched out faces, but some):

Bellocq - Storyville portraits - 1912

Bellocq “Storyville portraits” (~1912)

Bellocq - Storyville portraits - 1912

Bellocq “Storyville portraits” (~1912)

(* a divan seems to be most essential for the turn-of-the-century-prostitute)

Bellocq - Storyville portraits - 1912

 Bellocq “Storyville portraits” (~1912)

Bellocq - Storyville portraits - 1912

Bellocq “Storyville portraits” (~1912)

This one does not have a scratched out face and seems to be also very much clothed and from what I can judge even very decent, but I love the carpet and above all the nice black backdrop, (this besides the fact that I am anyways a fan of fluffy stolas):

Bellocq - Storyville portraits - 1912

Bellocq “Storyville portraits” (~1912)

Josiane Keller - portrait ala Bellocq, Storyville

Josiane Keller “portrait ala Bellocq, Storyville” (2014)

- and then I liked this one a lot, as it is the only one that does not look like an advertisement for prostitution with a bruised eye and actually NOT a scratched-out-face but instead a close-up:

Bellocq - Storyville portraits - 1912

 Bellocq “Storyville portraits” (~1912)

compare with:

Josiane Keller - street scene - E. at work

Josiane Keller “street scene – E. at work” (2014)

Can’t seem to get enough of these, this one is amazing:

Bellocq - Storyville portraits - 1912

Bellocq “Storyville portraits” (~1912)

Whoever scratched around on these didn’t only have an issue with her face (or identity, or perhaps documenting her identity like that?) but also with a well developed nipple facing the viewer.

And then there is this one:

Bellocq - Storyville portraits - 1912

Bellocq “Storyville portraits” (~1912)

Further, please compare with a famous painting by the Swiss painter Balthus, “Nude Before  a Mirror”, particularly these last two poses remind me of his work, (*yes I messed with it a bit, but look):

Balthus - Nude before a Mirror (adjusted) - 1955

Balthus “Nude before a Mirror”, adjusted  (1955)

If you want to see the original version look here: http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/1975.1.155,

and if you want to know more about the painter, you could for example read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balthus

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Brief Interlude: Sunday morning spam and Tani Buncho’s “grasses and moon” and a spammy idea

October 26, 2014

I had been waiting for this since a while,  nice, deep, uplifting and above all poetic spam in my comment box, and finally the long wait has paid off, here it is, by a person who calls himself no less but “sex”. This is what he has to say (being almost a poem I think I should print it in verse form:


“Valuable information. Fortunate me

I found your site unintentionally, and

I’m shocked


this coincidence didn’t happened

in advance!”


Pretty, huh? Thank you, Mr. sex, for the compliment, I love the ZEN in your message. It is more of less a love declaration, don’t you think?

Hang on, what is missing here is a Chinese ink scroll painting involving a person and a willow…

I found something even better, so all together it should be like this:

 Tani Buncho - grasses and moon - 1817“Valuable information. Fortunate me

I found your site unintentionally, and

I’m shocked


this coincidence didn’t happened

in advance!”

Tani Buncho  “grasses and moon” (1817)


Very famous scroll by Japanese artist Tani Buncho (1763 – 1841), more on him here:


Oh well, enough poetry and ink scrolls, back to work.


Oh, there is another spam, look:

“It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely donate to this fantastic blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.”

What a brilliant idea! Thanks, mate.

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New girl on the block

October 25, 2014

New girl working, her name is “Better than Claudia”:

Josiane Keller - Better than Claudia - 4 views

Josiane Keller “Better than Claudia – 4 views” (2014)

she’s the Mungo’s favourite (he likes his women mature and chunky), but let’s wait what other girls pop up over time.

*Hmmm, nice shot but we need more Laterne…

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Still at work… small prostitute with a clochet

October 23, 2014

Same girl from last night, now more dry and upright:

Josiane Keller - small prostitute with a clochet 3

Josiane Keller “small prostitute with a clochet 3″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - small prostitute with a clochet 4

Josiane Keller “small prostitute with a clochet 4″ (2014)

Of course not all my idea…:

Brassai - Rue Quincampoix 1932

Brassai “Rue Quincampoix” (1932)

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An e-mail by Miranda Carolina from the LA Times and a new small prostitute with a clochet

October 22, 2014

This morning I received this e-mail and matching with the subject I first thought it is spam, then learning there is indeed a lady working for the LA times with that name, I thought maybe someone pretending to be her and trying God knows what joke next, but no, it was really the lady herself (who seems to start work VERY early in the morning!):
” Message Body:
Hi Josiane: My name is Carolina and I’m a staff writer at the LA Times. I’m doing a story about the whole World Wide Art Fair thing and saw your post. Any chance you could tell me when they invited you to be in the fair? I’m trying to get some sense of chronology on when they did what. (Since a good fair involves lots of advance planning.)

My cell is [xyz] and my email address is [abc] I’m on deadline for this morning.

Carolina ”

So I made it simple and called her back and she is really writing about this “World Wide Art Fair” I had received an “invitation” for, if you wanted to say so, last October and had written in a post about it all (something about ‘art spam’). I forwarded her all the info I have nicely saved in an e-mail folder called “art spam shite”.

This is the article she (or rather Catherine Wagley in this case)  wrote on it so far, I was amazed to learn that this “art fair” apparently even took place, I thought they would only take the money and run:


I am not surprised.

And further whilst listening to many Grayson Perry interviews, I created the next small prostitute, which is wearing a clochet, and just for the heck of it I am presenting her here drying in my studio as an inverted picture just to see what that looks like:

Josiane Keller - small prostitute with a clochet

Josiane Keller “small prostitute with a clochet” (2014)

 Josiane Keller - small prostitute with a clochet 2

Josiane Keller “small prostitute with a clochet 2″ (2014)

oh… and a VERY exhausted Mungo right here:

Josiane Keller - Mungo and Deputy Madame at Suzy's

Josiane Keller “Mungo and Deputy Madame at Suzy’s” (2014)

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More Little Red Riding Hood, or: “better” ones, and more transvestite heads from clay in Honor of Grayson Perry with and without hair and crowns and what it all means

October 22, 2014

Since more or less nobody was apparently able to detect my earlier drawing of Little Red Riding Hood my pride as a draftswoman was triggered, or rather as a ‘more effective communicator through the media of drawing’, and so I made a second version, equally quiggly, but hopefully this one everybody can understand, have a look:

Josiane Keller - Little Red Riding Hood wearing a Wolf

Josiane Keller “Little Red Riding Hood wearing a Wolf” (2014)

Can you understand it now what I mean? So the image shows Little Red Riding Hood wearing a wolf skin or skinned as well like a shaman cloak. Associations are up to you, that is where the art comes in.

And then I made hair or rather a wig from clay for a head from clay, and now it is a transvestite head in honor of Grayson Perry, and I made him also a crown, and it is an interesting mediation piece where you can think about the difference of people with or without hair or people with or without crowns, for instance like this:

Josiane Keller - transvestite head with crown four times

Josiane Keller “transvestite head with crown four times” (2014)

But of course order of images is very important, because we assume there is a connection, in fact a linear connection, which has to do with how our human memory works in relation to the experience of time in linear form. Although that does not always work like that, depending on how traumatized we are, for example, or how drugged or drunk or in love, these questions apply.

So to compare I made a second version, which looks like this:

Josiane Keller - transvestite head with crown four times 2

Josiane Keller “transvestite head with crown four times 2″ (2014)

Which means what? That is up to you. Now back to more clay prostitutes, I suppose…

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Brueghel’s “The Dutch Proverbs”, the “Blue Cloak”, a new outfit for Grayson Perry cross-dressing and Little Red Riding Hood

October 20, 2014

If you listened to the 2013 Reith Lectures on BBC4 you know that Grayson Perry likes Brueghel. (I like Brueghel as well, hurrah!)

So there is a famous Brueghel called “The Dutch Proverbs” showing an illustration of well, the Dutch Proverbs and it looks like this:

Pieter Brueghel the Elder - The Dutch Proverbs

Pieter Brueghel the Elder “The Dutch Proverbs” (1559)


and right in the center you see a lady in a red dress hanging a guy (her husband) a blue cloak over (meaning she is cheating on him):

Pieter Brueghel the Elder - The Dutch Proverbs - The Blue Cloak

Pieter Brueghel the Elder “The Dutch Proverbs /The Blue Cloak” (1559)

It is further a well-known fact to the Grayson Perry -fan that he has the fashion students at Central Saint Martins design his cross-dressing outfits.

Somehow in connection with thinking about a possible interesting new outfit for Grayson I thought about, why one would cross-dress anyways and the whole idea of putting on a woman’s outfit, and had the idea of putting on a whole “woman” like a cloak, or like a shaman, as cross-dressing and masks have some shamanistic quality to them.

It would look something like this:

Josiane Keller Grayson Perry in a shaman's outfit

Josiane Keller “Grayson Perry in a shaman’s outfit” (2014)

and that brought me back to the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf and the criss-cross eating in that story, which with a bit of forest ranger -magic seems to all be easily reversible if so desired…

* In case you don’t know that about me: I am a sucker for fairy tales dealing with innocent women, such as Little Red Riding Hood…, here a sculpture I made a couple of years ago:

Josiane Keller - Little Red Riding Hood 1

Josiane Keller “Little Red Riding Hood 1″ (2008)

More sculptures and pictures of sculptures to come…!

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Little fat prostitute 1 and 2 at work

October 17, 2014

Yesterday’s figure today ready for the job:

Josiane Keller - little fat prostitute 1


Josiane Keller “little fat prostitute 1″ (2014)


Josiane Keller  - little fat prostitute 2

Josiane Keller “little fat prostitute 2″ (2014)

yes, of course, my beloved Brassai inspired…

Brassai - Fille de joie, quartier Italie à Paris - 1932

Brassai “Fille de joie, quartier Italie à Paris” (1932)

Chandelier 1 and 2 and second girl

October 14, 2014

Josiane Keller - chandelier 1

Josiane Keller “chandelier 1″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - chandelier 2

Josiane Keller “chandelier 2″ (2014)

A chandelier has to be inventory of any respectable brothel, I suppose.

The second girl, who has a lot of a ‘Christ on the cross’:

Josiane Keller - fallen lady

Josiane Keller “fallen lady” (2014)

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Brassai, the Deputy Madame at Suzy’s and new Girls versus Buffalos

October 13, 2014

Buffalo Running is being difficult, of course. Sometimes art is like that. There are different ways to deal with it, one is push, one is pull and one is act as if you were not the slightest little bit impressed and move on to a far more interesting topic until the project that was buckling on you calms down and realizes it won’t get done with that attitude.

Last third option is my choice, also not exactly “choice” but the age old discussion that philosophy rarely pays and in case of a potter that puts me in front of the question: shall I make a much easier marketable object again, and how can I either hide that from my more conceptual audience or, much more difficult: integrate it in the concepts I am anyways already dealing with?

Then as a woman, there always the option to make money as a streetwalker, although with growing age one has to either specialize in very refined and rare techniques or lower one’s standards, if not the idea as is means very low standards.

The circle closes, the artist = the prostitute.  Oh dear.

But luckily here is where Brassai comes in, taking incredibly expressive and by now through the shower of time, also very funny photographs of prostitutes and all about the business.

So we can continue with a project I started in 2008 listening frantically to Kurt Weill, creating some very rough ladies from clay, which I did show but never sold, as before it would come to that my house was robbed and I fled the rotten place I dwelled at. Only to dig them same ladies out last spring and take some very Brassai-informed photographs, which you can see right here:


Josiane Keller - Rosie soliciting

Josiane Keller “Rosie soliciting” (2014)

Brassai - Introduction at Suzy's

Brassai “Introduction at Suzy’s” (1932)

*This is not exactly the inspiration for my photo above, but I find it so hilarious and brilliant and brutal that I want to show here.

A scene from a series taken at the lovely little brothel on Rue Gregoire-de-Tours called “Chez Suzy”, in Paris of course, and the fact that the clothes and hairdo’s are no very retro-chique makes us think prostitution is something very nice and very stylish and a part of life in Paris, when life in Paris was adventurous and inspiring. Oh well.

But the point I am making is still what exactly am I selling, if I am selling art? Can art be sold anyways?

We have been there a couple of weeks ago in the rather heated discussion (only I know how heated, because for once I decided not to publish every detail of it on my BLOG. but trust me when I say “VERY”…) about the event of last winter and Mr. Caminero smashing an Ai WeiWei over-painted antique from the “Never Sorry!” project.

So unfortunately I am back to the same question with still no better solution.

And sadly so here is my first girl in the making, and you may call me “Madame”, I suppose…

Josiane Keller - first girl

Josiane Keller “first girl” (2014)

and that would be me, I guess…

Brassai - La sous-maitresse de Chez Suzy

Brassai “La sous-maitresse de ‘Chez Suzy'” (1932)

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Clay buffalo raw, which is too fat and needs trimming

October 8, 2014

Here just for the heck of it a picture of myself with my wonderful mouse (the one still alive, but simply according to life expectancy of a pet mouse I give her about three to four more months, maximum, then she already way over stretched the general 2 years). But for the time being she is happy and alive:

Josiane Keller - artist and mouse

Josiane Keller “artist and mouse” (2014)

and back to work. I finally scraped myself together and got started, so far the basics of the buffalo’s body, not sure now, possibly it is a bit small like that, but we will see:

Josiane Keller - clay buffalo raw

Josiane Keller “clay buffalo raw” (2014)

*In hindsight I realize it is a bit too fat and needs some trimming.

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Detail overkill and Buffalo Running – raw footage

October 7, 2014

Looking at some popular figurative sculptors, such as Ron Mueck or Tip Toland I can’t get over the fact that the work they make simply still does not look like how things look like (in my eyes, anyways) and the reason is: too many details.

I feel a Daido Moriyama photograph looks much more “life like” than a Ron Mueck sculpture, because of the details. Overkill.

Anyways, I am encircling the buffalo-project and started with taking random stills from Eadweard Muebridge’s clip, which looks like this:

Eadweard Muybridge - Buffalo Running raw

Eadweard Muybridge / J.Keller “Buffalo Running – raw” (1883 /2014)

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Buffalo Running – Cookie’s Story and Eadweard Muybridge’s “Buffalo Running” (1883)

October 3, 2014

Finally time to do this project. Within the 2012 “Each reflection of myself echoes a different emotion at me”- project with the street kids there were plenty of stories of individual kids that seemed to be worth at least a second, deeper look.

I had asked Pippa if we should do a follow-up project, but she said, most of the kids are no longer around. That which makes a follow-up project very difficult…

But I had interviewed Cookie a second time, in more depth, and have his interview right here in front of me.

I wanted to do a project on him “Buffalo Running – Cookie’s Story”, only so far had no time.

This is now the moment to do it, so let’s get started.

First of all, a short clip again by Victorian photographer Eadweard Muybridge “Buffalo Running” (1883), which is supposed to be the theme for this piece:


Eadweard Muybridge - Buffalo Running 1883

Eadweard Muybridge “Buffalo Running” (1883)

Here also once more Cookie’s first interview text from the 2012 project:


Josiane Keller - Cookie painted meets the White Buffalo

Josiane Keller “Cookie painted meets the White Buffalo” (2014)

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… and a painting from my Edinburgh days, “Man with A Beard” resembling… Mark! and Bonnington Square in Vauxhall… and a PS on an article on an Ai WeiWei show, directed from afar

September 27, 2014

I am still exploring and have no time to show you what I see, which is all very magical and leaving impressions on me, seems by the day I have a formative (is that the right word?) meeting.

But I was digging trough my images and found this here, called “Man with A Beard”, which I painted in 2000 in Edinburgh.

Compare it with Mark!

Josiane Keller - Man with a Beard - 2000

Josiane Keller “Man with A Beard” (2000)

Interesting, don’t you think?

Well, met an old friend and went to an old sight, Bonnington Square in Vauxhall, where I lived for a very short time in summer 1999 in the last squat on the place. No no more squatting on Bonnington Square, but the alternative spirit is still there and also Margarete from Tirol is still cooking at Bonnington Cafe:  http://www.bonningtoncafe.co.uk/

Bonnington Cafe - Margarete Baur

Bonnington Cafe – Margarete Baur

PS: Oh, by the way: a dear friend just sent me this link today to an exhibition by Ai WeiWei, somewhat I feel it confirms the point I tried making earlier in context with a certain blog post, Mr. Wei is not a free man and not really free to do or say as he pleases. People concerning his comments in certain situations should take that into consideration, I think…. :


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more Mark – whilst I am busy exploring

September 26, 2014

There is tons to tell and I took also pictures, but time is lacking so for now please spare with me and look at more Mark pictures:

Josiane Keller - Mark 1

Josiane Keller “Mark 1″ (2014)

Josiane Keller - Mark 2

Josiane Keller “Mark 2″ (2014)

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More De Beauvoir, Mark and sing-along-Bert Brecht’s ‘BALLADE VON DER UNZULÄNGLICHKEIT MENSCHLICHEN PLANENS’ (Song of the Insufficiency of Human Struggling)

September 25, 2014

Well, well, well. Madame De Beauvoir would absolutely flip, that’s for sure. if I have time I will add a matching quote, but my time in this amazing place is limited, because Mother nature, very much against the ideas of Madame De Beauvoir, threw me a massive curve-ball in my plans.

That’s fine, not the first time that my ideas don’t work at first attempt. All I need now is come up with a PLAN B, and I am already working on it. I am not giving up just so fast, Mother Nature, maybe we can even come to a compromise where each side is contempt with? I will need a bit of time to work on this but do spare with me.

Meanwhile let’s enjoy a bit of culture (boy, I have so much culture around me right now, I am culture-shocked from all that culture, that’s for sure!!), so here is a man whom I met last night, who totally blew me away! No, of course not what you mean, I mean the atmosphere of him, he looks like about 50% of all the guys in my paintings, just that I am not painting right now, still so.

I saw him whilst I was sitting in a Cafe and he was handing out flyers for stand-up comedy, but after I took about 20 pictures of him I thought I should at least talk to him.

He was so very sweet and didn’t immediately tell me I was nuts, (it always helps to say that you are an artist!) to my greatest surprise he said he himself was not an artist, but used to buy and sell rare records (if that isn’t an art in its own!) and he told me he would honestly consider asking for modelling work at Royal Academy, as I urged him to do.

Here is one picture of him:

Josiane Keller - Mark 3

Josiane Keller “Mark 3″ (2014)

I took more, but I want to run out and swim a bit around in more culture, so that’s all for now.

But meanwhile we can all sing along with Bert Brecht’s


here the melody and song in original Germanhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WENkquBHchM

and for those who prefer it, here the same moral in English: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xS2uJgxR9U

and here the lyrics in original German:

Der Mensch lebt durch den Kopf.
Sein Kopf reicht ihm nicht aus.
Versuch es nur, von deinem Kopf
Lebt höchstens eine Laus.
Denn für dieses Leben
Ist der Mensch nicht schlau genug.
Niemals merkt er eben
Diesen Lug und Trug.

Ja, mach nur einen Plan!
Sei nur ein großes Licht!
Und mach dann noch’nen zweiten Plan
Gehn tun sie beide nicht.
Denn für dieses Leben
Ist der Mensch nicht schlecht genug.
Doch sein höhres Streben
Ist ein schöner Zug.

Ja, renn nur nach dem Glück
Doch renne nicht zu sehr
Denn alle rennen nach dem Glück
Das Glück rennt hinterher.
Denn für dieses Leben
Ist der Mensch nicht anspruchslos genug.
Drum ist all sein Streben
Nur ein Selbstbetrug.

Der Mensch ist gar nicht gut
Drum hau ihn auf den Hut.
Hast du ihm auf dem Hut gehaun
Dann wird er vielleicht gut.
Denn für dieses Leben
Ist der Mensch nicht gut genug
Darum haut ihm eben
Ruhig auf den Hut!

Here some wiki-wisdom on the Three Penny Opera (that’s where that song is from, it is sung by Peachum, Polly’s dad): 


PS: Simone de Beauvoir, wir sprechen uns noch!

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Simone De Beauvoir – The Second Sex (1952)

September 20, 2014

To anybody who is since the last weeks trying to go on my nerves trying to undermine my decisions regarding my career in relation to what they think I should rather be doing what according to their opinion is my “duty” or “responsibility” I would like to quote the following paragraph from Simone De Beauvior’s (1908-1986) “The Second Sex” (©1952 Alfred Knopf, Inc.):

“… They (women) are forever looking back to see how far they have come, and that interrupts their progress. By this procedure they can have honorable careers, but not accomplish great things. It must be added that many men are also unable to build any but mediocre careers. It is only in comparison with the best of them that woman, save for very rare exceptions – seems to be trailing behind. The reason given are sufficient explanation, and in no way mortgage the future. What women essentially lacks today for doing great things is forgetfulness of herself; but to forget oneself is first of all necessary to be firmly assured that now and for the future one has found oneself. Newly come into the world of men, poorly seconded by them, woman is still too busily occupied to search for herself. …”

More info on her at wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simone_de_Beauvoir

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Italian bakery, diner and ice cream shop

September 14, 2014

Josiane Keller - girl in a white dress

Josiane Keller “girl in a white dress” (2014)

Josiane Keller - boy reaching

Josiane Keller “boy reaching” (2014)

Josiane Keller - Grilled Cheese

Josiane Keller “Grilled Cheese” (2014)

This girl is almost too beautiful to make this shot work the way I want it to work, or I guess I took the shot somehow wrong. She is surely one of the most beautiful girls I have seen, but as often enough, ironically, I bet she does not know it and I am not sure if she would even care.

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Metamorphosis I and II

September 10, 2014

Metamorphosis I:

Josiane Keller - Metamorphosis I

Josiane Keller “Metamorphosis I” (2014)

Metamorphosis II:

Josiane Keller - Metamorphosis II

Josiane Keller “Metamorphosis II” (2014)



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