I’m going into the forest

A rite-of-passage ritual. By developing these figures for the “Each reflection”-project from a year earlier based on personal interviews with living people over a long period of nine months a certain association or fetishism applied. The figures were created to represent the people they were based on and give them a voice, masking their identity. After this had been achieved the actual figures seemed to have fulfilled their purpose.

I was approached by several gallerists if I was interested selling the figures, but selling them seemed exploitative and taking advantage of my participants.

For these reasons I decided to “de-ear” the figures in a small ceremony in the woods, also liberating them from the bunny-ears, a symbol I stopped using then, and at the same time making them unsaleable.
By “saving” the figures representing the youth this de-earing-process has taken on a shamanistic element to it, doll play in its most archaic form.