Beginning: “Each reflection…” & Follow-Up Projects

How do we visually perceive a 3D tangible object? Looking at a tangible figure, are we actually able to see it in 3D or do our brains perceive a 2D image? Vice versa, when looking at a painted or photographed figure, does our brain translate it into a 3D image?

I am creating 3D figures, which by photographing them I turn into 2D images; the purpose of the puppets is to create two-dimensional lens-based images, and the images carry a certain information that is very specific, of which the figures are only an element of. This process has parallels to painting.

It also questions the topic ownership of art. What is the essence of visual art? Its tangible substance and materialistic qualities or the information obtainable from looking at it?
Conclusively, is it necessary or even possible to physically and legally own art, and if so: which part of it do we own and how does this manifest itself?
Do we need to possess the actual work and if so, how often do we need to view it, or do we actually no longer need to view it at all after we bought it?

Do we own art by looking at it, or by remembering what we can of it after having looked at it?
Do we only own what we remember?

The project “Each reflection of myself echoes a different emotion at me” was the first project I developed in this technique and I am working like that since; I have by now created several albums and the puppets have changed over time.
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