What happened, UNIVERSE?

Images about life on earth from a human perspective; as far as I am aware of that is what any art com possibly be about.

Humans have the ability recognizing secondary images that depict objects, landscapes and creatures, even if they are abstracted from 3D images to 2D images, coloured to black-white and original scale to enlarged or decreased in size etc. We are referencing these images by comparing them in our memory to similar things we have seen before. The ability to read and write has developed from it.

Can we even identify an image if we have never seen it before or if we have not seen anything we could associate it to?

Is there any actual original imagination possiblewhere we create something original that has never been before (other than rearranging elements of things we have seen in a newly combined way?)

I noticed that certain categories of photographs seem to repeat themselves over and over again, and consequently i.e. photographic competitions are divided into categories like “exotic travel”, “street photography”, “black/white nude” etc.
Whilst we assume we are taking a photograph for the very first time because we have never experienced this specific moment at this location ever before we may be hunting for certain scenes pre-engraved in our visual memory by images we have seen in reproduction before.

Why are these particular images relevant, so relevant to so many people that we over and over repeat them? Are they actually relevant, or are we using them in the attempt to create a connection to an audience, assuming the image is relevant to the audience whoever that may be?

Through using images as stand-ins for what they depict we are able to communicate actual situations and history or also invent these or intentionally lie, or we may also misread images that we associate in our memory to the wrong image we have seen in the past or heard about verbally.
As a result my work is not just about “seeing” or “how we see” but also about “looking” and “why we look” and: “showing someone something” and “why we show”.

The reflection of the universe has become its own world, is it possibly more actual than the original?
My images are not imitating what we see but they are imitating photographs we have taken of seen things. D
ue to confined life-style of the majority of people publishing images in a widely accessible way (the internet) we are more looking at images of images, often it is no longer clear (important?) who or what is depicted.
It seems our world is changing, although it is only our awareness of it, which may or may not be in praxis the same thing.