Anima Mundi – the shorts アニマ・ムンディ・人形アニメーション

[* Not to be confused with Anima Mundi Animation Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.]

An experimental feature-length puppet animation project compiled of a series of short clips, focusing on the natural world in an attempt to express its essence, based as closely as possible on the actual human visual experience, including knowledge gained from cinematography and light.

In contrast to many contemporary animations that favour linear narrative and purposely infantile design or copying stylistic elements from famous animators from the past out of nostalgia without building on top of their achievements to create something actual I am concentrating on the question “How do things really look like?” or “Why does this NOT look alive?” and trying to create work that communicates plausible visual experiences and offers options for personal association, investigating actual perception of colour, light, texture of material, motion, natural rhythm and sound.

The project is currently in production stage, expected long-term, because depended on funding. If you wish to see it sooner, you may contribute; please contact for details.

For more information and to view first films please click on image icon: