I never thought this day would ever come, and yet… : here it is, a puppet animation for a very small child, in fact for a specific small child, age 4. No sex, drugs or rock’n roll, no search for the meaning of life. (Ahh… wait! Not true, but maybe a bit more simplified, or is it?)

The story behind this is a certain friend, actually an art college class mate, has a little boy, who lost his favourite toy and was devastated. So we came up with a story to explain what happened, and since kids these days are smart, we can’t simply tell fake news, we have to come up with evidence of it.

It was so much fun that now we have a new (and very unexpected) category: Puppet Animation for Children

Josiane Keller - Confessions of a Runaway

Josiane Keller “Confessions of a Runaway” (2017)

Unexpectedly: Puppet Animation for Children: “Confessions of a Runaway – In the Cafe” (Vol. I) | 2017 | Handabbeisser | Tags: , , , , , ,