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A little guy got unexpectedly a lift from Edinburgh to America, making it big in Hollywood (who would say NO to that, right?)
Unfortunately he missed the chance saying good-bye to his best friend, so all he could do was sending a postcard in the mail.
But it wasn’t in vain, due to his natural behaviour, his good looks, not to forget his Scottish accent he soon he gains attention of the movers and shakers over there, and now we can admire his talent on screen!
(Vol. I, In the Cafe)
Puppet animation for small children (4+/-) and the young at heart.

Music: Carlos Gardel (1890 – 1935) “Confesión” (1931)


Josiane Keller - Confessions of a Runaway

Confessions of a Runaway – In the Cafe /Vol. I (2017) | 2017 | Hinauslehnen Verboten! | Tags: , , , , , ,