Since the stint with Uncle Karli something has definitely changed, although nobody wants to admit it, people are in a foul mood. The girls are afraid of being sold, and there is a lot of talk about that, because that is always the danger and around the hotel that is the history here, like it or not, better get used to it and plan and act accordingly. Chiaki advises everyone to get off it, but at the same time she is rather gloomy, also she had been considering to come along to the show in Chicago and then last minute didn’t, I guess partially she was worried something could happen to her, but partially she might have been too lazy to go on a trip, that too.

Apparently Chiaki pulled another modelling job for some new and upcoming magazine, so  that is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

Molly is so rare to be seen around, it’s a joke. She  busy with the show “Was wollen Sie von mir?”, and then there is a lot of murmuring about Elle, although nobody met her so far, Molly certainly has, because they are both in the show, and we saw her from a distance, maybe one day Molly will introduce us to her, and all that is not exactly best news for Starfish, who is eating himself up over it. The two, in the rare time they spend together, are mostly fighting like cats and dogs, Molly generally leaving frustrated, we can guess she is going to stay with Elle, and Starfish being fucking devastated. He is trying his best to find a way to deal with it, a few days ago he announced he is going to be a painter now, but I don’t know if anything more than the announcement came of it. He is not in a good shape and people try their hardest, as far as they can be bothered, to be supportive, but it seems nobody can reach him right now.

Josiane Keller - Starfish in the dinosaur room

Josiane Keller “Starfish in the dinosaur room” (2017)

It’s all not so brilliant days at the hotel right now hope things cheer up soon. So I took Starfish to the museum today, thinking it might distract him, but instead he elaborated on the transient nature of life, so it was not really having the effect I had hoped for.

Josiane Keller - Starfish in the African mammal room

Josiane Keller “Starfish in the African mammal room” (2017)

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