Next to showing the slide-show off I am working since a while on a black cat, or was it a black panther? No idea, it looks weird, also I made a mistake on the left front paw, somehow, or assembled the whole thing wrong. BUT it has some great shoulder-blades, and I did not waste my years in Kyoto for nothing (in fact I certainly did not waste anything there), so I trust, because I know, it looks best when it’s WABI SABI, so here is so far roughly assembled, my wabi-sabi cat:

Josiane Keller - black cat assembled 1

Josiane Keller “black cat assembled 1” (2017)

Josiane Keller - black cat assembled 2

Josiane Keller “black cat assembled 2” (2017)

Josiane Keller - black cat assembled 3

Josiane Keller “black cat assembled 3” (2017)

Still needs some ears, more tail and a few details, so even wabi-sabi, this is not the finished version.

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