Josiane Keller - Pippa painted dreaming of the ocean and whales


Pippa (39)

“I don’t live on the street, but work with those that do. When I was a teenager, however, I dressed like a punk, specifically “Goth”, and had a troubled home life. I spent a lot of time downtown, and most of my friends were homeless and going to shelters and programs like the one I now run.

My daily routine begins with yoga or meditation, and then I go to p:ear, most days. My job is multi-fold as so I engage with young, homeless people, make eye-contact, remember names, make coffee, respond to 30-60 mails a day, organize fund raisers, and generally try to get along with people and remember their worth.

I value the transformation more than healing.

I am round-ish, like the planet Jupiter, but without the atmosphere. A mix between hot + cold, but without being medium. How does one describe: fluffy but hard. (…)
And I can fly.

I dream of the ocean and whales a lot these days.”

Pippa painted dreaming of the ocean and whales | 2012 | Each reflection of myself echoes a different emotion at me - 20 Heroes from the City of Roses | Tags: , ,