Josiane Keller - Peter painted sitting with his friends
Peter (21)

“So… I smoked a lot of pot in high school, my stepdad was a cop, I got kicked out – I used various friends for a place to live, eventually I tried college, it was bad – I dropped out.
I went to live with my aunt – she kicked me out. I sold my laptop from college. I moved to Key West, Florida, I went to rainbow gatherings and ended up in Portland, Oregon.
I now live in a transitional home, I get food stamps, when I was homeless I lived at the youth shelter.
I minded my own business. OUTSIDE IN clinic helped me when I was ill.

I moved to a moderate climate! I made some money selling clothes from free closets.
For fun? Not much fun to be had then, but hanging out at p:ear.
My friends were whoever was around and was “okay”. Many times my friends here are a little bit psychotic.
My family? I called “mom” about once a month.
Future? I just kept trying to improve my life.

When I was homeless I was paranoid. VERY paranoid. I thought the government was following and hurting me with nano-robots. Too much library time was literally present in my life.

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