Josiane Keller - Koala painted and butterfly
Koala (18)

“Starting at a young age I was very neglected, kind of just along for the ride, being pushed back and forth between parents, always moving, depressed and lonely. At a young age I started using drugs and drinking a lot. And always surrounded by it at home.
I’m the youngest of five, and never really spent much time with my two oldest sisters and two brothers after that.
Anyway my mother couldn’t handle that at 40 she was still taking care of kids and my habits that came along with it, so she sent me to Eugene, Oregon, after about a month of so on the streets in Huntington Beach, CA. After living with my sister for a while she kicked me out.

For about five years I’ve been on and off the streets, started hopping trains and travelling around. I’ve always been the artist/musician type that would rather be alone with drugs, cigs, booze, with my own thoughts, depressed, listening to Radiohead, making music and art. Piano is my favorite.
You could probably find me in a café, drawing or walking, listening to head phones, people watching, high on meth or heroin.

Will we ever get it right? Time to ascend to the 4th dimension. I will die and be reborn on another planet. (…)
Who the hell really knows?

‘While you make pretty speeches,
I’m being cut to shreds,
You feed me to the lions,
A delicate balance.
And this just feels like spinning plates
My body’s floating down the muddy river.”

[* “like Spinning Plates” /Amnesia album, Tom Yorke of Radiohead]

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