Josiane Keller - Cookie painted meets the White Buffalo
Cookie (20)

“My father and I lived on a Native American reservation and to make money he had me cook and sell meth and then around 15 I decided I was done and traveled and cooked so that was why I ended up on the streets.

Currently I’m enrolled at PCC Sylvania studying chemistry. I’ve been using financial aid and to survive I sleep in trans-housing-places and to make money I sell drugs on the side.

The whole reason things have changed for me is I have no distractions. My street name is “Cookie” (lol), for cooking meth and I’m in rehab, trying to get clean. I’ve been clean for six months. I quit dealing and cooking, I started going to NARA or Native American Rehab Association doing native sweat lodges and went through getting into school. This is my second term.

I’m happy finally because people that use respect for what I’m doing and back off and on top of that I haven’t fought someone for two months.”

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